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Wired News: Online Dating Meets Cybersex

LOL~ Wired News: Online Dating Meets Cybersex

PHP hacks (./atac, d0s.txt)

Some weird stuff happening on my server today, please leave comments if you know of anything about this… UPDATE: found it, I think it might’ve got in via phpnuke… I posted to bugtraq and people there are VERY helpful! Thanks a lot guys… I have turned on mod_security with Apache and I’m gonna go over [...]

Denali MemCon

I’m at the Barton Creek Country Club for Denali’s MemCon, I can’t believe they don’t have WiFi setup here. I bet they decided not to provide WiFi on purpose… Good thing ecto supports offline blogging…


So OS X Tiger is scheduled to be released tomorrow, I can’t wait to upgrade to it. Dashboard looks damn cool, CoreImage and CoreVideo look like fun to code with. Dashboard and the new search thinggie in Tiger looks pretty close to what QuickSilver (QS) does, so I’m not real sure if I’d still need [...]

Renée Fleming concert

Just got back from the Bass Concert Hall, it was definitely one of the best concerts I’ve been ever… Almost as good as the Itzhak Perlman one last year. As usual I especially liked the encores, she started with probably the most famous aria; “O mio babbino caro”, that was my favorite piece of the [...]

damn, that’s some master class!

There was a piano master class with Earl Wild when I was at Carnegie Mellon, but UT Grad students got to do one with Renee Fleming!! Diam! UTPAC: Latest News (this link probably won’t work after a while, it’s not a permalink)

Nokia launches music phone with 4Gb hard drive

Nokia launches music phone with 4Gb hard drive

Sound in Safari

Doesn’t seem like there is an easy way to turn off sound in Safari. I don’t think I’ve ever embedded an mp3 or midi in any of the pages I created, except maybe to test out that HTML tag when I first read about it in high school. But girls seem to like that, well, [...]

NewsForge | Firefox news readers run the gamut

NewsForge | Firefox news readers run the gamut Internet

So Ken Trading can’t sell the MM20 anymore because Panerai sued them in Japan, but Orient Time can! Awesome! Maybe I’ll really pick one up this time! They should really have a secure order form though, I don’t like sending my CC info in plain text.