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Nikon D200, 10.2 mp, Exclusive Preview: Digital Photography Review

Nikon D200, 10.2 mp, Exclusive Preview: Digital Photography Review Man, the D200, from the specs and the pics, looks amazing!!! I must say I am kindda tempted to switch camps. If the 5D had a vertical grip and were weather-proof, I’d be interested in that too…

My iTunes library

my iTunes Registry page… this site is a bit buggy, but the idea is cool…

iPod Nano

People are crazy about the iPod Nano, everyone either owns one already or wants one badly. If not, he or she probably owns or wants the bigger iPod. seoulfully, a recent law school grad awaiting his bar results, showed how he wanted one desperately in an e-mail he sent me: man, i get my bar [...]


Organized my delicious bookmarks to add the tag “forums” to all discussion forum links, man, there are a lot of them… I don’t frequent most of them very often anymore… RSS feed in vB or phpBB2 doesn’t work very well, but recently I am quite active back at Head-Fi and iLounge. I run Carmudgeons so [...]

Be careful when you play content/copy-protected CDs in Windows

Mark’s Sysinternals Blog: Sony, Rootkits and Digital Rights Management Gone Too Far What a mess, Sony is evil.

Riedel “O” wine tumblers

So my full Waterford stemware collection is still in my house in Austin, need some wine glasses for the bottle of 2001 Mondavi Reserve cabernet sauvignon I picked up at Napa… So Amazon is now shipping me 2 pairs of Riedel O wine tumblers for cab/merlot and pinot noir. These glasses look like their high [...]

Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge, ABC Seafood Restaurant, Milpitas, CA

Sherry and I finally tried out ABC, it was alright, prices a bit high for dim-sum, but was good. They have kickass congee, we waited more than half an hour for them to get a new batch of congee ready, got the one with “fresh frogs”, good shit… Saturday night we went to Fahrenheit Ultra [...]

more vids from the 2 chinese dudes

what tian has learned: Asian Backstreet Boys Amazing, they even got their own Wikipedia entry.

Jeff Nolan of SAPVentures called it quit

Jeff Nolan switched from VC to ops, very interesting… and sounded like he’s at MySQL, although he wouldn’t say… Earlier this year I started feeling a strong urge to do something different. I missed having direct operational control and I missed the sense of accomplishment that comes from successfully executing direct operational control Venture Chronicles: [...]

Nikon D200

So looks like it is going to be $1.7k, that’s not bad at all!