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43 Places

Went to 43Things, and discovered 43 Places, cool stuff! Here’s my 43 Places:… I’m sure I’ve missed some places I’ve been to, most of them were long long time ago…

Top Gear RS4 video

Top Gear RS4Top Gear13 min 51 sec – Nov 22, 2005 Top Gear RS4 – Google Video I like it! technorati tags: rs4, audi

Think Labyrinth: Maze Algorithms

Think Labyrinth: Maze Algorithms

Geek to Live: Ten Must-Have Bookmarklets – Lifehacker

Geek to Live: Ten Must-Have Bookmarklets – Lifehacker Interesting, 10 bookmarklets will occupy too much space on my browsers’ toolbars, IMO… In Safari, I have WP’s Blog This, Ecto‘s ectoize, and the buttons. I have the same ones except ectoize in Firefox. I don’t think I have any bookmarklet in Flock, as and [...]

GTA: Liberty City Stories

Broke down and picked up GTA: Liberty City Stories at the EB Games across the street from the new H&M in SF… it’s hard to drive in this f’king game… and it’s kindda hard to hold onto the PSP and control the steering… I just suck in video games… Anyway, I’ve spent about an hour [...]

SF Auto Show writeup by Jason

Jason and I went to the opening day of the SF Auto Show, he just posted a very detail writeup at It pretty much sums up the day in the post. Basically the coolest car we saw was a silver Ruf 996 Turbo R on King Street on the way to the auto show, [...]


JenJen, Sherry and I spent Thanksgiving at my place this year. I reserved a turkey from Honey Baked Ham, picked it up Wednesday morning, which was probably their busiest day in the year as we spent a good half hour waiting in line, even though I had a reservation number on my Treo. Took about [...]


some quick and dirty restaurant reviews: Arthur’s: Very close to my condo, it is only about 5 minutes away. Arthur’s is an old fashion upscale restaurant. The exterior looks like a motel, the restaurant itself is very large. We went there Tuesday night and all of the surrounding tables in the area were empty, so [...]

RXW Hummer watch, inspired by weapon!

RXW Hummer watch Pretty damn cool, when I’m in Tokyo next time I will sure be stopping by Watch Gallery Ken Trading in Ginza…

CoverBuddy: iTunes remote for PSP

CoverBuddy This is pretty damn cool, looks like with this piece of software I would be able to control my iTunes with my PSP via WiFi. I’ll get it one of these days… My PSP has been in the glove box in my car for about a month now… I’m contemplating getting GTA: Liberty City, [...]