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Boing Boing: Sony Rootkit DRM Roundup Part III

Great timeline of events… Boing Boing: Sony Rootkit DRM Roundup Part III: The Sony rootkit debacle continues to gain steam, with fresh revelations of incompetence and malice every day, and with fresh news of lawsuits too. Previously, I published two roundups of news on this leading up to Nov 17 (Sony Rootkit Roundup Part I, [...]

Cathedral of Learning

I love the idea of a building called “The Cathedral of Learning”, regardless of which campus it’s located on. Feld Thoughts It was the best place from which to shoot out paper airplanes… freshman year at CMU, good times…

TiVo to add video transfer from TiVo to iPod 5G and PSP

Digital video recorder maker TiVo Inc. plans to announce a feature on Monday that will let subscribers transfer recorded television programming to Apple iPod digital music players or Sony’s PlayStation portable devices. AppleInsider | TiVo to allow video iPod downloads Nice, since I have both of these devices… Now it might actually make sense to [...]

VS emails

I love emails from Victoria’s Secret


Those who know me would know that I had been looking for another watch for quite some time. I narrowed it down to the RXW MM20, the IWC Mark XII with the JLC movement, and the Omega Co-Axial Chronograph. I had been wanting to see the RXW MM20 in person for about 2 years. I [...]

Edmunds Evo9MR video

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Videos on Inside Line Pretty cool, I like the conclusion remark: The Evo doesn’t much care what the conditions are, it just wants to go fast. Too true!!

Schneier on Security: Sony’s DRM Rootkit: The Real Story

Schneier on Security: Sony’s DRM Rootkit: The Real Story: It’s a David and Goliath story of the tech blogs defeating a mega-corporation. On Oct. 31, Mark Russinovich broke the story in his blog: Sony BMG Music Entertainment distributed a copy-protection scheme with music CDs that secretly installed a rootkit on computers. This software tool is [...]

Amazon got Beluga… Imperial Beluga Caviar (Black Sea), 4oz.: Gourmet Food

I was browsing the “luxury” section of the Amazon holiday gift guide and found this:

From Thursday’s photoshoot

Had a short shoot during lunch today, I’m semi-happy with this one:

fast cars and crazy partying for the rich and brainless

This year’s event starts with a public music concert in London and then cars will take off for Turkey passing through ten countries en route to Istanbul. Then the 120 cars and 250 people will fly to Hong Kong using three cargo planes and a private Gumball 3000 jet for all the drivers. Stage Two [...]