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wanna bring your C6 Z06 to the track? these might prevent u from going fast

The tire pressure monitoring system does not seem very track-friendly… What happens if I run Hoosiers or R-Comp? it might turn on traction control for you!! and also might put your car in a power-reduced mode… WHOA! I guess even with reduced power u might still be able to go fast… (like a 20% reduction [...]

Catfight in the blogosphere

What’s up with all this stuff about Dawn Yang and XiaXue? “Dawn Yang” has topped Technorati’s popular search list for a while… apparently she got really popular and other bloggers got jealous and started saying things about plastic surgery… but who gives a shit? They should all give it a rest and pose for Playboy’s [...]

x86 macs by 01/06?

Surprisingly, the most reliable information indicates that the iMac and PowerBook — two of the company’s most recently revised Mac offerings — are targeted to be the first two Mac models to receive Intel processors in January. AppleInsider | First Intel Macs on track for January

RIP, Peter Drucker

Damn, Peter Drucker just died. This is weird coz I was just reading up on some of his stuff after attending Dr. Kai Fu Lee’s talk this Monday… RIP, Dr Drucker.

Veteran Day

It sucks when USPS doesn’t deliver mails, because it means I don’t get my Netflix’s. Which sucks!! I’m gonna have to figure out how to spend this weekend without any DVD from Netflix!! update: I actually got my DVDs in the mail today, not sure how they did it, kudos to USPS…

new lowered prices on refurb’ed Apple products

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) these are some great prices… the PowerBooks and iBooks are not current though, they don’t ship iBooks with 256MB of RAM anymore… I think I would go for the Amazon rebate or the student discount (so you can upgrade the HDD on the 12″ iBooks)… 23″ Cinema Display (aluminum enclosure) [...]

Dr Myers’ 2 guesses on hedge funds…

FEN: The hedge fund industry passed the $1 trillion mark earlier this year. Do you think the corporate structure and compensation systems for hedge funds make sense, or are those areas that are evolving as the market matures? Myers: I’m not a hedge fund insider but I’ll give you two guesses. Guess #1 is that [...]

Harsh, but very true

中国可以培养出大批的高级能人才,但却很少可以培养出合格的可以独立主持的管理级专家。服务于一个公司或者社会,光有技术是不够的;还需要有勇气,胆量,正直和诚实的领导才能,这恰恰是大多数中国人所缺少的品性 万维读者新闻追击

Gates & Jobs & the Zen aesthetic

Presentation Zen: Gates, Jobs, & the Zen aesthetic Interesting comparison of presentation styles of Gates and that of Jobs.

Ozzie memo: ‘Internet services disruption’ | Tech News on ZDNet

Ozzie memo: ‘Internet services disruption’ | Tech News on ZDNet In case you haven’t seen this already…