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Microwave and WiFi

I finally figured out the cause of my WiFi dropping once in a while; microwave. When I or any of my neighbors use our super powerful GE stainless steel microwave, my WiFi deteriorate so bad that I can’t even load a web page. (and AirTunes just pauses and it might or might not resume, depending [...]

Some Fuji F11 shots

These shots are pretty amazing from a tiny P&S camera, now I’m just waiting for them to release this little jewel in the U.S.!!!!! Technorati Tags: photography, f11

is it really the smartest investment you can do with $1B?

So it’s final, $1B for 5% stake huh? Am I the only one who believes there are much better ways to spend $1B? Like maybe investing into a couple hundred startups? Flickr and Delicious were much cooler than AOL… Is Google really getting too big and too lame?

great CG thread on PID

I’m seriously considering PID’ing my Rancilio Silvia, so I’ve been reading up on all the USENET and CoffeeGeek archives… I came across this one that is truly a great read, LOL! all this PID silliness for $10 Technorati Tags: coffee, espresso, ristretto, silvia, rancilio, pid

Amazon PR–News Release’s hot holiday sellers (Nov. 25 through Dec. 22 based on units ordered)……– iPods ruled the holiday season in Electronics, owning the top three slots- the Apple 3 GB iPod Nano (Black), the Apple 30 GB iPod with Video Playback (Black), and the Apple 512 MB iPod Shuffle were the top sellers 3GB [...]

Blogging from Writely

Blogging from Writely… this is a test…

Good and Bad Procrastination

Good and Bad Procrastination: There are three variants of procrastination, depending on what you do instead of working on something: you could work on (a) nothing, (b) something less important, or (c) something more important. That last type, I’d argue, is good procrastination. Another great essay by Paul Graham. Technorati Tags: procrastination

Ruby off the Rails

Ruby off the Rails: Ruby on Rails is just one facet of what makes Ruby great, just like EJB is only part of the Javaâ„¢ enterprise platform. Andrew Glover digs beneath the hype for a look at what Java developers can do with Ruby, all by itself. Technorati Tags: programming, java, ruby

The Purse Blog

The Purse Blog (your daily fix of shoulder fashion): A blog about bags only, very nice… They even have a feed from Feedburner! Finally an RSS feed for girls (just kidding!)… Technorati Tags: bags, fashion, shopping

the Fashion Spot – View Single Post – Hot denim brands in your area

the Fashion Spot – View Single Post – Hot denim brands in your area: In my opinion, seven, citizen, true religion, etc = crap for men. Here’s what I like for us guys: dry denim: Nudie, 5EP, Sugercane, Samurai, APC, RRL, 45rpm, Acne, Dior Homme, etc, etc, etc washed: LVC, PRPS, Blue Blood, Diesel, Levis [...]