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Oracle Layoffs Coming?

well, if this is true it will further reiterate my view on the false sense of stability when you’re hiding in a big company. Oracle Layoffs Coming?: No developers are being hired in the U.S., all new hires are in India. As many as 7,000 developers in the U.S. could be laid off. The bulk [...]

Hard to take this review seriously… Motorola H500 Bluetooth Headset – Magenta: Cell Phones

Was looking at Bluetooth headsets to go with Sherry’s pink RAZR v3c, and came across this review at Amazon: Motorola H500 Bluetooth Headset – Magenta: Cell Phones: The sound quality is very good for both incoming and outgoing calls. Huh? Am I missing something? Why would it be different for incoming and outgoing calls? [...]

Pretty sure Sherry will want this

Motorola RAZR V3c in Pink The ultimate in style. The ultimate in performance. The new RAZR V3c in Pink seamlessly unites fashion and technology to provide the ultimate multimedia experience with a must-have product. Update: Just ordered one for her at VZW’s site… hehe… Just in time for v-day… Technorati Tags: razr, vzw, pink_razr, razr_v3c


cheers Originally uploaded by andrewyng. Bored at home on a Sunday afternoon so took some random shots of alcohol stuff…

iMac Core Duo: Easiest RAM Installation Ever

Very impressive… Gear Live | iMac Core Duo: Easiest RAM Installation Ever: the RAM slot is at the bottom of the computer. All you need to do is unscrew a small panel, insert the RAM, and screw the panel back on. It really couldn’t be simpler. We removed the 512 MB stick, and installed two [...]

Beyond Dante: Term Sheet Terms: anti-dilution clauses

From my Newisys days I was told by the guy who dealt with our VC activities day to day that anti-dilution clauses were some of the most evil things you could see on a tern sheet, basically you get screwed when you get a down round later (which in my experience happens more often than [...]

Web 2.0 is one big party in SF

Alright, I’m moving up there! Om Malik has a great Silicon Valley story about how Scott Johnson — ex of Feedster — closed an angel investment for his new company Ookles (top secret) while sitting in Om’s bathroom, as the blogger and his podcast partner Niall Kennedy recorded their latest in the living room. [...]

New prime number found

With the use of distributed computing, researchers found 43rd Mersenne Prime: 230,402,457-1 link Technorati Tags: mersenne prime

Schneier on Security: The Doghouse: Super Cipher P2P Messenger

This is too funny, “unbreakable Infinity bit Triple Layer Socket Encryption”! Wow, using an infinite number of bit or something? wouldn’t that be a bit slow? and “SUPER Cipher P2P”! The author even has a resume with very little programming or cryptography experience to back up his claim! Be sure to check out the comments [...]

Boing Boing: Penetrative sex improves public speaking

Boing Boing: Penetrative sex improves public speaking: A researcher at the University of Paisley has determined that having regular penetrative sex (and only penetrative sex) makes people into better, more relaxed public speakers: For a fortnight, 24 women and 22 men kept diaries of how often they engaged in various forms of sex. Then they [...]