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Amazon to buy Shopbop

It would be nice if the stuff from Shopbop qualifies for Amazon Prime… Amazon Buys Shopbop – Luxist

more on iPod Hi-Fi sound quality

This is what iLounge had to say in their brief review: iPod Hi-Fi High-Fidelity Speaker System for iPod | First Look Audio quality? We don’t ever like to comment on this until we’ve done straight comparisons, but it was evident in each of Apple’s four demo rooms that the Hi-Fi is capable of revealing flaws [...]

iPod Hi-Fi, and new leather case

No surprises from the 2/28 event, I’m curious to hear how the iPod Hi-Fi sounds like, for $350, which makes this thing less expensive than most in-ear-monitors, it is most likely not truly “Hi-Fi”, but it still does cost quite a bit more than the other solutions, and it has an optical input for the [...]

Sugarcane price hike

Holy shit, the Sugarcane 1947 just went up by $50! I was never interested in them until now; could’ve bought a few pairs and pay for the Nudies RRDS I got coming in. but diam! >30% price hike in a week! Better than most other investments. There is a thread on SuperFuture about this too! [...]

TurboTax Online was slow…

… and it is even slower in Safari… Took me around 40 minutes to f’king file my taxes… well, at least I don’t have to pay taxes this year, I guess I would’ve had to pay had I not moved to California… Well, you lose either way when you work for ppl… I got my [...]

SanDisk doubles capacity of Ultra II SD Plus: Digital Photography Review

SanDisk doubles capacity of Ultra II SD Plus: Digital Photography Review: its award-winning storage card that combines USB connectivity and flash memory storage. The card looks and functions like a typical SD card and its high speed makes it ideal for digital cameras, camera phones and digital video cameras. Folding the unique card in half [...]


If SlingPlayer worked on a Mac, I would definitely get a Slingbox… I saw SlingPlayer in action at a coworker’s PC and it’s pretty darn cool!! I would definitely have to upgrade my HDD in my TiVo if I get a Slingbox though… heh… Actually, I don’t see why TiVo can’t add better place-shifting features [...]

Sign this SF J-Town petition

Great place to visit, good Japanese food… If they turned it into a highend condomium community it would be a huge shame… Stop the sale and possible destruction of San Francisco’s Japantown Petition Technorati Tags: sf, sf_japanese_town, jtown, j_town, japanese_town

New Canon pro photo printers announced

The i9900 disappeared from Canon’s site a couple of weeks back, after they introduced a new ink system along with a few new consumer printers. So I fully expected new pro printers to be announced at the PMA… Looks like they just did that, and we have the PIXMA Pro 9000 and the Pro 9500. [...]

What a way to launch a new service

Damn, Goog is lame!! Google Page Creator Thank you for your interest in Google Page Creator! Google Page Creator has experienced extremely strong demand, and, as a result, we have temporarily limited the number of new signups as we increase capacity. In the meantime, please submit your email address and we will notify you as [...]