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Why specs matter [dive into mark]

Why specs matter [dive into mark]: Most developers are morons, and the rest are assholes. I have at various times counted myself in both groups, so I can say this with the utmost confidence.

SF Symphony next week

Kindda odd that they’re doing single movement from Mahler No. 10, would be awesome (and difficult) if they would do the whole thing. They also tagged on the Rhine Journey from Wagner’s ring cycle, interesting program selections for sure… Event Details PROGRAM Debussy Jeux Ravel Piano Concerto for the Left Hand Mahler Adagio from Symphony [...]

Are Software Patents Evil?

Another essay by Paul Graham: Are Software Patents Evil?

997 GT3 video

Now this looks like it would go around the track much faster than my MR… I want!!!!!!! and a white one JUST like that! Technorati Tags: 997gt3, porsche, gt3

5th Annual Alumni Entrepreneurship Panel

Just registered for this, should be interesting… Carnegie Mellon West – Events – 5th Annual Alumni Panel – Entrepreneurship 2006 The San Francisco Bay Area Alumni Chapter of the Tepper School at Carnegie Mellon would like to invite you to our 5th Annual Carnegie Mellon Alumni Entrepreneurship Panel on “Community, Content and Creativity.” DATE: Thursday, [...]


Sherry found some W2′s and W3′s in Austin, I got myself a pair of W5′s from Turf… We put the W2′s and W3′s on eBay coz she doesn’t like the hi rise… I’m thinking about keeping the W3′s myself (or asking her to get another pair, probably in size 9)… Turf didn’t have the W3′s [...]

RSS feeds on eBay

Just saw the RSS icon at the bottom of each eBay searches, subscribed to a few feeds of stuff I’m looking for… very useful…

Piaget Polo Tourbillon Relatif

Tourbillon carriage suspended on the minute hand? interesting… TimeZone: Industry News: N E W M o d e l – Piaget Polo Tourbillon Relatif It features a flying tourbillon, with a minute hand, which has its center of rotation at the center of the watch, performing one complete rotation per hour. The tourbillon carriage, suspended [...]

eBay: IWC MARK XII with JLC movement

eBay: IWC MARK XII (item 8916845775 end time Mar-27-06 15:03:40 PST) oh man, another one of these babies showed up on eBay, too nice… Looks like the seller plagiarized Jack Freedman’s technical review on the IWC Mark XII. Technorati Tags: iwc


These are dope, I’m gonna stop by HufSF to see if they got them this weekend… will ask Sherry to help me color them, I want them in some darker color, coz my raw denims bleed indigo on lighted color kicks… HypeBeast has a pretty long thread on AdiColor, some cool pics from the Vancouver [...]