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SuperFuture post count

Amazingly, my post count at SuperFuture is already at 71, I still consider myself a lurker there though…

Friday: early interview with a potential candidate, and then off to NYC

Still need to write a f’king speech… yikes! I got 6 hours on the plane to figure it out though… Hopefully I can cop some Spruce or Wings&Horns hoodies this weekend… Rock on!

SGTL posts Q1 loss of $24.7m

Looks like Apple is not replacing PortaPlayer’s chips with SigmaTel’s in the Nanos afterall… So best guess is either Samsung or Broadcom. Samsung, they can offer a sweet bundle deal with their NAND flash. Broadcom already has a video codec chip in the video pods, and if they’re in the Nanos, we’ll be closer to [...]

AdWords Landing video


I was playing with Google Calendar, like importing events from Outlook to a “work” calendar, and stuff from my iCal to the “personal” calendar, subscribing the “work” calendar with an iCal private URL and what not. So I imported my “personal” calendar twice, and got duplicated entries, quite a few of them too, so I [...]

HTML signatures for

Apple’s only allows rich-text signatures, if you want an image in your signature, you could copy and paste it into the signature editor. But if you want links and other HTML features, you are out of luck. With the help of Spotlight, I quickly found the directory in which stores the signatures, and [...]

Amazon earnings

Looks like Amazon Q1 profit got hit with new accounting rules, they used to heavily compensate with stock options (often priced at zero dollar) so this might hurt… heh…

Information leak at McCombs?

Got this email, not sure why, and I’m not sure if it’s for real, it was PGP-signed but I didn’t verify… They used a rather ancient version of PGP, GnuPG does support it, but I don’t care enough to add their key and verify… maybe I requested some information for their MBA program and got [...]

diam, my Nike iD Dunks just shipped!!

That didn’t take as long as most people said… very excited to see how they turn up… You can check out my design by following this link. Technorati Tags: dunks, sneakers


This is pretty neat… Technorati Tags: thinkfree