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Where to shop for denim in NYC

Nice, sounds like NYC finally got a place to get jeans in the same caliber as Denim Bar in DC… Samurai and SugarCane, not bad, not bad! I just stumbled upon one of the craziest Denim stores in Manhatten. It just opened like 2 days ago!!Anyway, they carry Samurai, Sugar Cane, and Oni Denim. I’m [...]

MTI Whirlpools Introduces A Revolutionary Pet SPA!

This is dope, if it fits in my current bathroom I’d def get one of these for Fee-Fee’s birthday, but I can’t remodel my bathroom coz I don’t own this place… heh… MTI Whirlpools Introduces A Revolutionary Pet SPA!: For the ultimate in pet pampering and therapy, the Jentle Pet may be equipped with 5 [...]

Happy Memorial Day

Fireworks Originally uploaded by I’ve been watching Laguna Beach on MTV all day, heard fireworks all the sudden, must’ve been from Great America Park. Grab my tripod and my camera and continuosly took about 85 frames at 4-10s each… My camera had my 24-70/2.8L on so had to crop like crazy. I’ll have my [...]

marriage and scientific careers | Scientific Success: What’s Love Got to Do With It?: Levine: 26 May 2006: Kanazawa’s perhaps controversial perspective is that of an evolutionary psychologist. “Men conduct scientific research (or do anything else) in order to attract women and get married (albeit unconsciously),” he says. “What’s the point of doing science (or anything else) if [...]

Caltrain today

So I took the Caltrain to SF this afternoon, when we were almost in the city some dude committed suicide by walking in front of the damn train… My train was held up for more than an hour. Too bad I didn’t get to see the body, could’ve taken a few pictures and share it [...]

Aeron chair

Aeron chair Originally uploaded by Copped one of these from CL, the crappy chairs at work are breaking my back so… I can sell it for the same price when I wanna get rid of it…


This Moto Q looks better than the Treo’s, but it’s a Moto and it runs Windows, 2 huge no-no’s for me… Unpacking the Motorola Q – Engadget Mobile Blogged with Flock

Bubblegen on Bebo

Yup… Bebo is ultimately an example of Euro VC at it’s best – and worst. A good investment, but one predicated on imitation, rather than innovation Bubblegeneration Strategy Lab Posted with Flock

What We’ve Lost

How the Bush Administration Has Curtailed Our Freedoms, Mortgaged Our Economy, Ravaged Our Environment, and Damaged Our Standing in the World What We’ve Lost – American Progress Action Fund

The 10 Worst Corporatioins of 2005

ExxonMobil: In the face of a virtually complete scientific consensus that global warming is real and happening — and considerable agreement that it is happening faster than expected just a few years ago — ExxonMobil continues to insist that “scientific evidence remains inconclusive.” So far, the cynical, profit-motivated, short-term and self-interested views of ExxonMobil have [...]