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Bebo got $15m

Seriously, how many social networking sites do we need? $15m? holy shit man, maybe I’ll start one too… so I can buy up Loopwheeler and Spruce after I cash out… LOL… You’re reading it here first: Bebo, an SF-based social networking site which is in the middle-ground between MySpace and Facebook, and among the biggest [...]

Comment spam started to show up

I’m getting about 10 comment spam posts a day now, even with Akismet installed, I never got any before. Maybe it’s just the volume of spams has increased, I over 1K caught-spams a day in the Akismet Spam admin page. Technorati Tags: akismet

new lens

Spruce zippers Originally uploaded by andrewyng. Testing out my new 100/2.8 macro during lunch… Hopefully will have time to do a lot more macro shots this weekend…

Meebo repeater

I mentioned in my previous blog entry that I am only install Skype as my IM client on my work laptop, so when I need to chat with friends who are too lazy to get onto Skype, I use Meebo, and it works pretty well, now they even support chat history if you create a [...]

Ooze: Stupid Interview Questions

Spent a couple of hours last night interviewing potential candidates at my company’s on-site job fair. It was def not nearly this entertaining. check this out: Ooze: Stupid Interview Questions

John Law » Blog Archive » Why the global financial system is about to collapse

John Law » Blog Archive » Why the global financial system is about to collapse: The global financial system is about to collapse because the US dollar is about to collapse.

So you wanna write a unit test…

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So it *was* AWStats

AWStats sucks, I am done with it. I have disabled it since my server got hacked last time, and according to this that *was* the point of entry!! – ————————————————————————– Debian Security Advisory DSA 1058-1 Martin Schulze May 18th, 2006 – ————————————————————————– Package : awstats Vulnerability : missing input sanitising Problem type [...]


Pretty insane man… But I guess that’s better than not moving at all… Technorati Tags: athr, stocks

Snapshots gallery migrated to Flickr

It took a while to do as I had to do each album manually, but it’s done, I have moved my snapshot gallery to Flickr!! Check it out! Technorati Tags: flickr