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Reality product placements

Sounds like a great idea… Jaguar Tries Reality Product Placements – Luxist technorati tags:product placements Blogged with Flock

HSBC online saving rate went up to 5.05%

Nice, when I opened it it was 4.75%, then went up to 4.8% and I was like, whatev, just got another email and now it’s at 5.05%, now that’s an actual increase! ING really need to do something about their rates… I like their website better but their rate is really falling behind… Online [...]

FatWallet Forums – American Express Double Reward Points (July-Aug)

Good shit: FatWallet Forums – American Express Double Reward Points (July-Aug) My Butterfly card should be here shortly to help rack up some double points… Technorati Tags: membership rewards, amex

Valedictorian Complains of 'Hollow’ Public School Education

The valedictorian of a Blue Ribbon-awarded high school in New Jersey has left teachers and administrators with a sour taste in their mouths after using his June 20 valedictory speech to describe his education as “hollow” and one filled with “countless hours wasted in those halls.” Valedictorian Complains of ‘Hollow’ Public School Education — 06/29/2006 [...]


Google Checkout was launched, they have an API so I can integrate it into packages like osCommerce or custom eCommerce sites. Should be much easier and cleaner than using PayPal IPN. Their fee structure is very attractive too. $.20 + 2%. I was worried about the non-refundable $.20, coz if I were to write a [...]

Underage teen girls rob adult man they met on MySpace

Life imitates Hard Candy? Much recent media freakage over MySpace involves adult men accused of preying on underage girls. But in a different sort of incident reported last week, two Florida girls aged 14 and 15 created a bogus profile on MySpace, grabbed a pair of pistols, then robbed an adult man who arranged to [...]

iTMS gonna sell tracks in Apple Lossless?

If this is true, I will be spending a bit less at Amazon and a lot more at iTMS… I guess it depends on how much AL tracks will sell for. A new version of Apple Computer’s iTunes Producer software suggest that the company may begin to offer tracks through its iTunes Music Store that [...]

LightSource – podcast on studio photography

I just found this podcast via their Flickr group, listened to one of the episodes at the gym, pretty useful information. If you’re interested in learning and improving as a portrait photographer, or if you’re a photographer wanting to listen and learn about lighting techniques, I highly recommend subscribing to it. Technorati Tags: lighting, photography, [...]

Today's Go Skateboarding Day

Skate or die! technorati tags:skateboarding, sb, skate, skateboard Blogged with Flock

WHOA! SuperFuture switched to vBulletin!!!

VERY NICE!!! I hated the old forum software they had at SF, now with vB it’s MUCH MUCH better!! The downtime was def worth it (it was hard to go a weekend without SF though, I must admit)… Technorati Tags: superfuture