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kip: iPhoto for your documents

Kip is an app that works kindda like iPhoto but it helps you organize your documents instead of photos, it is kindda cool… Technorati Tags: kip

Morton's steak and seafood for 2 for $99

geat deal, my friend and I used to go to Morton’s a lot when we were stuck in Pittsburgh… too bad it’s not redeemable at their SF or Vegas location… technorati tags:morton’s Blogged with Flock

Alien Skin Blow Up

A while back I was asked if I wanted to evaluate Alien Skin’s Exposure, I got a copy of the software, installed it and played with it a little bit. It is basically set of PS filters that add effects of different types of film, it is probably useful for a lot of PS users [...]

The Onion: motocrosser quits after learning physics

“I’ve had a great run in both professional motocross and Supercross, but the more I learn about kinetic energy, momentum, and ballistics, I’m beginning to think I’ve had a pretty good run of luck, too,” said Carmichael, whose instructors said seemed particularly interested in the effects that gravity and sudden deceleration could have on a [...]

More about Undercover Taipei

A former DJ and lead singer of a punk band, Jun Takahashi started UNDERCOVER as a small shop in the alleyway of Harajuku more than 10 years ago. Today, he has more than 30 stores spread through out Japan. This year, he opened stores outside of Japan for the first time, in Taipei and Hong [...]

more on EvDO speed

I’m on the Caltrain heading to the city right now and I’m getting some crazy fast speed: Download Speed: 1092 kbps (136.5 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 111 kbps (13.9 KB/sec transfer rate) Technorati Tags: evdo, treo, treo700p, verizon, vzw

700p EVDO Speed USB vs BT

Just got Bluetooth tethering working with USBModem, pretty decent speed: Bluetooth: Download Speed: 319 kbps (39.9 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 49 kbps (6.1 KB/sec transfer rate) USB: Download Speed: 594 kbps (74.3 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 115 kbps (14.4 KB/sec transfer rate) EVDO over Bluetooth is slower but still gives pretty good speed, [...]

A.P.C. new stuff dropping soon!!!!

A.P.C. is def one of my favorite clothing companies, I’ve been working on a pair of their New Standards for 4 months now, they’re freakin awesome… Sherry just copped a pair of (fairly) skinny jeans from Diesel, they are not selvage though. I think the cut is called the Liv, the wash is undistressed – [...]

skype in OS X and threads

Just noticed that Skype on my Mac, even when it is idle, uses around 2% CPU and has THIRTEEN threads!! iTunes streaming apple lossless music via AirTunes also has 13 of them. I wonder why Skype needs so many threads, maybe coz my client is used as an intermediate node serving like 12 other users… [...]

"Next Nikon”

Very interesting… The popular pro-cam manufacturer is prepping a new DSLR, and has upped a little teaser on their site referring to the “Next Nikon.” Beyond the usual marketing hyperbole of “More power,” “More control,” “More versatile and “More excitement,” Nikon lets slip the megapixel count: 10.2, and the release date: 20 days from now. [...]