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TiVo Series 3?

Maybe I would finally get HD, well, maybe not… too much of a pain to get a new TV… technorati tags:tivo Blogged with Flock

Russian recluse decliend Fields Medal

Grigory Perelman, a reclusive Russian mathematician who was widely expected to be one of this year’s winners (see ‘Maths ‘Nobel’ rumoured for Russian recluse’), was indeed honoured at the opening ceremony of the International Congress of Mathematicians. But after a round of applause, president of the International Mathematical Union John Ball said “I regret that [...]

new Hello Kitty platinum card, and it comes with conceige service!!

So I considered re-upgrading up to the amex platinum just to get conceige service, but this Hello Kitty card comes with it with no annual fee! The most personal service—24-hour access to MyConciergesm service is like having your own personal assistant who can help get great seats at entertainment and sporting events, make last-minute dinner [...]

Want RSS feeds for vBulletin-powered forums?

This is not new info or anything, so if you already know how to get feeds from vB forums then you can ignore this entry. I am registered at a fairly large number of forums, I only actively monitor a few of them, which ones of them depends on what I’m into or what I’m [...]

Just my bad luck, new watch came BROKEN!!

So kindda made an impulse purchase on a watch, got it today and the crown came off when I tried to set the time!! More here! Amazingly some responses noted that this is not unusual with Swiss watches, but is this really what we expect from a watch with a list price of $6300???? Well, [...]

Carnegie Mellon’s Ballbot could teach Segway a thing or two

Carnegie Mellon’s Ballbot could teach Segway a thing or two: Those humanoid robots are all well and good if you’ve got 30 minutes to watch ASIMO manage a 360 degree turn, but some researchers at Carnegie Mellon have been spending some time trying to figure out a bot that could actually be useful in the [...]

Sony Mylo

This is kindda neat, not all that useful coz ppl who want gadgets like these already would most likely already have a smart phone… but if it’s cheap enough I’d get one just to use Skype on it, at least until Skype runs on Palm. technorati tags:mylo Blogged with Flock

Sherry’s gallery migrated to Flickr as well

Sherry finally got herself a Flickr “pro” subscription so I just helped migrated her snapshots from gallery to flickr, using my hacked version of gallery2flickr. It still works, so if anyone’s interested in ditching Gallery (1) for Flickr, check out the hack. I also found a really nifty tool to backup your Flickr pics to [...]

Finally got my Amex Butterfly card

I applied for one as soon as they were available but never received one, so I called amex and got them to send me another one last week, and it finally came in today… technorati tags:amex, butterfly Blogged with Flock

OS X finally gets virtual desktops

Was checking out Leopard, nothing really revolutional like when they introduced Dashboard, but virtual desktop is nice, especially coz I got used to having them with window managers in X. technorati tags:leopard, spaces, virtual desktops Blogged with Flock