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seriously? $1B for Facebook?

If true, and it won’t really surprise me, that’s only f’king huge payday for the Facebook peeps… I definitely dig it more than MySpace, which is completely lame… Some takes on this deal here and here. technorati tags:facebook Blogged with Flock

Web 2.0 logos

LOGO2.0 part I Originally uploaded by Stabilo Boss. Cool…

Web 2.0 Hits The Half Billion Investment Run Rate

The San Jose Mercury News had an article this past weekend with the latest VentureOne numbers. Apparently $260 milllion was invested in “web 2.0″ companies in the first half of 2006, which means that the run rate for the year is $500 million.It’s not clear to me how they define “web 2.0″ but then it’s [...]

Finally found a place to live…

I haven’t blogged about this, but my landlords are getting married and they wanted to move into the condo themselves. So I had to find a new place. Initially I wanted to move to Mountain View – something within walking/skating distance to Castro Street / Caltrain / Light Rail. I subscribed to like 8 search [...]

Mapquest > GMaps

MapQuest was able to get me directions from my office to downtown San Jose without using any highways, kick ass!! Google is still working on that, LOL… With the new draggable/AJAX map at MapQuest maybe I’ll move back to it… I would like to avoid highways when getting driving directions. Is this possible?We realize that [...]

Finally, a denim store in SF worth spending my money at

Got this in my inbox today: hey andrew, i just read your review for the Blue Jeans Bar in sf and wanted to let you know that i’m opening Self Edge in san francisco next month. i think you’ll be into it. Looks like the same fine folks behind TurfSM will be opening a [...]

Didn’t know this about the Lambo’s…

One great feature the Diablo VT has is a switch on the dashboard which raises the car enabling you to go over speed humps without grounding out. When you reach 20mph the car automatically goes back down again. Lamborghini Diablo VT Whenever I drove through places that my cars had a hard to clearing [...]

New AMEX Gold benefits start Oct 1

I was checking my fatwallet feed and found discussion on benefits changes for Amex gold… Looks like they are no longer differentiating between Membership Rewards and Membership Rewards Options, which is great coz it was confusing as hell… Not exactly sure after Oct 1 what the differences would be between the Preferred Rewards and the [...]

Blue In Green online store is up!

AWESOME! They even offer chainstitching!! That’s dope! Maybe afterall I won’t have to go to Tokyo the next time I need jeans. I think I can start a new pair next March, thinking about either the 19CM or the PBJ xx-005, leaning toward the PBJ. They need to put up some reference for sizing, like [...]

Mark XII with JLC movement

Holy shit, I’m VERY tempted!! TimeZone: Sales Corner => FS – Mark XII…..$1,990 shipped technorati tags:iwc, mark xii, horology Blogged with Flock