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AMEX Depature mag article: Where’s the Logo?

Simon Doonan, the debonair creative director of Barneys New York, believes most of us rather like the idea of having something few others have—and that fewer still even realize we have it. “Ultimately those embellishments become markers of prestige,” he explains. “It’s subtler than putting a logo on, but in the end it’s the same. [...]

protectors for new ipods

BestSkinEver already got theirs for sale, while Invisible Shield only got their 2G Nano skins on pre-order (but holy shit, IS is so much more expensive than BSE!!), Martin Fields got theirs on pre-order, Boxwave is lagging behind, nowhere to be found at their site. Brando Workshop also doesn’t have protectors for the new pods [...]

iPod Nano 2G gutted

pretty cool, the resolution is too low to make out what chips those are though… technorati tags:nano, ipod Blogged with Flock

any mysql experts out there?

One of my e-commerce clients has been experiencing extremely long delay in the credit card processing step of the checkout process, I’ve look into this and narrowed it down to the following line of code: $paypalipn_query = tep_db_query(“select o.orders_status,p.* from ” . TABLE_ORDERS . ” o LEFT JOIN ” . TABLE_PAYPALIPN_TXN . ” p on [...]

very impressive, apple just shipped my blue nano

When they said “ship within 24 hours” they actually meant it at the Apple online store, very nice… I should have it maybe even by this weekend and I’ll have a week to gift wrap it… I should’ve engraved it… btw, I was watching the news channels this morning and they got REALLY confused about [...]

new iPods, iTunes, and iTV dropped

Looks like I’ll be buying a few more iPods, maybe one of those new Shuffles for workout, I might sell the 60gb for the 80gb, but what I really need is a 100gb. I’ve already ordered a blue 4gb aluminum Nano as a gift. (well I also want to see how it looks like first [...]

$16B for FSL?

Freescale Semiconductor confirmed Monday it is in discussions that could lead to a record $16-billion leveraged buyout, sending shares surging $5.93, or up more than 19 percent, to $36.68 in midday trading Monday. Two sets of bidders are vying for ownership of the Austin, Texas-based chip maker in what would mark the largest high-tech leveraged [...]

2007 MCS, 192lbs lighter!

Oh yeah, I like it! We didn’t get the stupid moonroof to save the 90lbs, now the base model is 192lbs lighter! that’s awesome! Me likes!! I like the new door panels too, not sure what color to get now though. BMW has released official images of the 2007 Mini Cooper (Mk II aka R56). [...]

Supreme’s website is live

no more boobbies background image, they finally put up some real content on the Supreme website! hehe… technorati tags:supreme Blogged with Flock

Sherry’s Speedy Reduced

Copped this from my AD, just came in today. It’s got the Dubois-Depraz “piggyback” movement, which is pretty much an ETA watch with the chronograph function on it. Since it’s like 2 movements it’s highly jeweled. Most chronoheads don’t dig this movement but it is probably more reliable than the Piguet-based c.33xx or the c.3603 [...]