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for kicks, built a 997GT3 online

I don’t really like the the rear bumper, or the exhaust in the middle, looks too much like a freakin Boxster… Didn’t have to add very many options, only added metalic paint (that color looks hot, at least in the rendered version shown below), Bi-Xenons and Sport Chrono Pkg… I don’t see a moonroof option [...]

Mac SlingPlayer review w/ screenshots

Conclusion: This first version of SlingPlayer for Mac is a very good first step in Sling Media’s venture into software on a platform other than Windows. As a relatively new Slingbox user (July 2006), I am unaware of the quality or polish of previous versions for Windows, but this Mac client offers everything the current [...]

AMEX Gold double MR points 10/1/06 to 12/31/06

AMEX Gold double membership rewards point offer is back! Just in time for the holidays… yippee!! AMEX Gold Double MR points signup link technorati tags:amex, double points, membership rewards Blogged with Flock

SlingPlayer for Mac OS X Beta

I think I’m gonna order the AV version off Amazon soon, waiting for some reviews to see if it actually works or not before I place the order… This thing would allow me to catch up with my TiVo when I’m in SF on weekends… SlingPlayer for Mac OS X Public Beta Download System (Mac [...]

updated Rancilio Silvia from Chris’ Coffee

I got this newsletter from Chris’ Coffee: First there is a NEW Rancilio Silvia on the market and Chris’ Coffee Service has them in stock as of today. The NEW Silvia has an adjustable expansion valve, different group, different drip try cover, and is POD adaptable. We will have images of the NEW Silvia up [...] is screwed up

This happened to both seoufully and me. I got off work a bit earlier and ran with Fee-Fee for about 3 miles, and then went to the gym and clocked another 3 miles, went home and sync’ed my Nano and now thinks I’m new to Nike+. I hope this is a temporary problem with [...]

Self Edge SF Update

Kiya posted an update on Self Edge at SuperFuture, no mentioning of a Union Special machine yet… Self Edge Update – San Francisco… So… where do i start? We here at Self Edge have been working 24/7 to bring denim heads what they’ve been wanting; the vision of what i wanted in terms of selection [...]

Xanga should have private feeds…

Some of my friends are got Xanga blogs and I can’t do anything about it, I guess they got used to it and don’t wanna bother switching to something better, or maybe they dig the community features in there. But to me Xanga is lame, seriously lame… Anyway, they have RSS feeds for blogs, but [...]

Nike+ challenges def get me to wanna go run more…

Not sure how long this would last, but I seriously can’t wait to get up every morning to clock some miles in… technorati tags:nike+, challenge Blogged with Flock

Tangerine kicks ass!

for those of us with large music libraries in iTunes and small Nano’s for workout and running, Tangerine is a must-have!! seoulfully sent me this and it kicks ass! Basically it goes through your library with some basic exclusion rules (like no classical, no podcast, etc etc, you can add your own rules), and it [...]