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VCAT (Venture Capital Aptitude Test)

I haven’t really been reading up on my subscribed feeds that were tagged “VC” for a long time, and this is pretty much why… Instead of getting an MBA or JD/MBA and then try to break into VC, I’m probably better off using that money to do my own shit and see what comes out [...]


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Apple to ship 300,000 MacBooks this month

After looking at the specs and the prices, especially the prices on Amazon on Black Friday, and playing with the real thing at the SF Apple Store, it was hard not to buy one. They should sell like hot cakes this holiday season… I plan to blog about my initial experience and impression on Sherry’s [...]

Yelp Holiday Bash

I might actually make it to my first Yelp event, sounds like fun, a live snake!! Niiice! Welcome to Yelp – Yelp Technorati Tags: yelp, “holiday bash” powered by performancing firefox

Marijuana advocate plans to roll world’s biggest joint

A medical marijuana user plans to see in the New Year on an all-time high — by rolling the world’s biggest joint. Los Angeles resident Brett Stone said he aims to usher in 2007 by building a .91-meter (three-foot) cigarette using around 112 grams of marijuana. Stone said he was inspired to try for a [...]

I have a few NowNow invites left

UPDATE: I don’t have any more invites left, sorry. Kavin told me about this new cool service at Amazon, it’s pretty damn useful, especially when you’re too busy to Google stuff yourself… I have a few invites left, if you want one you can use the MeeboMe widget on my main blog page to contact [...]

ring flash test shoot

So I copped the ABR800, the new ring flash from Alien Bees. Ring flashes are not all that useful unless you need to get this specific look in your images, but the ABR800 actually can be used as a regular flash, Paul C. Buff is a pure genius… With the included umbrella mount it pretty [...]

More on Flickr camera finder

Just actually read the graphs at the Flickr camera finder page, pretty interesting stuff, The 350D is extremely popular, a far second place was Nikon’s entry-level (at least before the D40 was announced) D50. Canon EOS 20D followed the D50 closely and then we have the D70. So pretty much Flickr is populated with mostly [...]

Flickr new feature: Camera Finder

Saw this from Flickr Blog, pretty cool. I think they have this feature at pbase and I liked it. Like I could find random pictures taken by a particular camera, even a particular lens. It was semi-useful when I was shopping for lenses… Flickr should also display lens info in EXIF and allow some kindda [...]

Etymotic ety8 Bluetooth cans

I am very curious on the SQ on these cans, I think A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) uses GAVDP (General Audio/Video Distribution Profile), which could use several lossy codecs like SBC (subband codec), MPEG-1,2 Audio, MPEG-2, 4 AAC, and ATRAC (the evil Sony MiniDisc codec). So my lossless tracks will get compressed when streamed over [...]