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Getty Images "One Life”

Getty Images have released a Map report on “One Life”, a trend toward individual living life… Ultimately the One Life trend is about focusing on the individual. However unlike the ‘me decade’ of the a ’70s, the ‘greed decade’ of the ’80s and the ‘lifestyle decade’ of the ’90s, the One Life consumer is constantly [...]

Premier Boutique grand opening this black friday

Another place in the bay area for the hypebeasts to cop stuff, I’m not really into allover print stuff but I’ll definitely go check it out when I’m in the area… We are pleased to announce the start of “Premier Boutique”, the Bay Area’s newest sneaker/streetwear store. Premier is located in San Jose, California. The [...]

Toyota and Greedy Genius Ad

This is interesting, never thought a hypebeast kid would drive a Toyota Avalon… heh… technorati tags:greedy genius, toyata, advertising, ad Blogged with Flock

new toy: ABR800 + softbox

new toy: ABR800 + softbox Originally uploaded by

Monokuro Boo

When you’re in Guangzhou, China it doesn’t take very long to get the feeling that Monokuro Boo, a character brand consisting of a pair of minimalist cartoon pigs (one black, one white), has just usurped Hello Kitty as the pop icon of choice for the locals. Monokuro Boo has taken over Chinese fashion accessories, umbrellas, [...]

DIY .Mac

TNPI – Do it Yourself .mac This is pretty cool, I’ve wanted to get mod_dav installed on my server for a while now but never got to it, this prompted me to install it and now I just need to configure it… technorati tags:.mac, apache, mod_dav, webdav Blogged with Flock

Alien Bees’ new radio flash trigger

This is a very inexpensive wireless strobe solution, I’ll still go with PocketWizard coz my flash meter has a builtin module for it, but 80 bucks for both transmitter and receiver, that’s really hard to beat… AlienBees: The RadioRemote One Wireless System technorati tags:studio, photography, alienbees, pocket wizard, flash, strobe Blogged with Flock

dior homme 19cm 1 month update pic

Here’s a cameraphone pic of my 19cm at a month, rocked every single day… They really show more wrinkles than actual wear. I posted this to the DH thread on SuperFuture and got quite a few PMs with questions, so before you post questions here are the details on them jeans (of course if you [...]

Samurai Geisha’s

Found some pics of the same jeans here and here, they were rocked by a guy… he posted pics of 8 months of wear, I like it! technorati tags:samurai, geisha Blogged with Flock

Sherry got her first dry denim… :)

At Self Edge Sherry got the Samurai Geisha’s, def dope denim quality and very very stiff, the details are amazing… She’s still getting used to the fit, they’re def not something you’d see rocked on girls, well maybe in Japan you’d see some… As usual I took a ton of pics, even on SuperFuture I [...]