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need a 1GB Sandisk Ultra II CF card?

I just put one of mine up on eBay… I copped a 2GB one for cheap and don’t need 2 other 1GB’s. eBay got some new and welcomed AJAX features now, I was kindda surprised coz eBay really hadn’t changed much for years. They also finally integrated Skype to their listings, very nice. powered by [...]

Happy Holidays, Wii, shopping, and random updates

Haven’t blogged for a few days, I did manage to catch up with most of my feeds and shared a few items in GReader… We didn’t do much for Christmas, just ate at a different restaurant every meal (as usual), played Wii, and shopped, well, we did a lot of shopping… The Wii is a [...]

PhotoBooth works fine with older Macs

This is not really news or anything, but in case you don’t use Digg and haven’t seen this blogged anywhere before, the PhotoBooth application shipped with newer Macs with built-in iSights works just fine on older Macs. You can’t get this app from Apple even if you are willing to pay for it, but since [...]

Nike+ Dashboard widget

I finally got around to install one of these, very cool, this is great coz the Nike+ flash site is really slow on PowerPC (my office Linux workstation as well)… Technorati Tags: dashboard, osx, nike, nike+, running

my Wii number

Feel free to be my “Wii friend”, I’m not exactly sure what this does… Technorati Tags: Nintendo, Wii friend, Wii

Yelp got “street-smart”…

This is very useful and I’ve always wanted a feature like this, makes so much sense especially when Yelp has a mobile version of their page… Yelp Blog: Yelp Just Got Even Street-Smarter Yelp Just Got Even Street-Smarter And by street-smart, we mean you can now search on Yelp around a specific address, intersection or [...]


This is a great alternative to giving some b.s. gifts to your friends and family, not to mention last minute gifts to those who are impossible to shop for… ChangingThePresent: About ChangingThePresent – How it works Overview Many of us don’t need any more fruitcakes, toasters, or pen & pencil sets. Buying unwanted presents just [...]

Thanks to Amazon now we’re getting a Nintendo Wii!!

So I told Sherry to put her name down to get a Wii, the probability was like 1 in 28, not bad, but not good… I didn’t get picked, but she did! But I’m still not sure if it will show up before Christmas. Obviously we have Amazon Prime and upgraded to 1-Day shipping for [...]

Photoshop CS3 is nice, and FAST!!

So finally downloaded Adobe Photoshop CS3 Beta, took a long time to install, but once it’s installed everything is nice and speedy. It runs A LOT FASTER than CS, my pervious version. (I never saw the need to upgrade to CS2). The new Camera Raw is much nicer, Bridge works much better than the photo [...]

The Yelp party photobooth pics are finally up!!

I’ve been checking this site a few times a day since the party, looks like they finally got it up! Check it! powered by performancing firefox