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more on CS3 and unviersal binary

I was reading the discussions on the CS3 post at AppleInsider, I was gonna reply but forum user Chucker posted exactly what I would’ve said… Ming just picked up a MacBook Pro and he’s been running CS2 on it, emulating PPC binaries, and he said it is not slow at all. Public beta of Adobe [...]

digital_denim’s Samurai contest denim pics

SuperFuture has a denim contest in which 30 people from all over the world started rocking a pair of limited edition Samurai S0500XX on November 1st, 2006. In a year they will compare results and there will be an open voting on who got the dopest wear. The winner will get a free pair Samurai. [...]

GReader shared items

If you’ve read this blog for a while you might notice I haven’t been posting stuff from other sites/blogs on here as often, this is because I’ve switched to using Google Reader and I’ve been sharing links with the sharing feature in Google Reader. Until FeedBurner adds the capability to burn GReader shares into my [...]

my condolescenes to the Kim family

This is truly sad news for the tech community… RIP, James… Thank you for your Support 12/6/06 – 1:15pm – The authorities have confirmed that James Kim was found. They have reported he did not make it. The friends and family respectfully request that the media refrain from contact during this time to allow us [...]

new trend at WAYWT superfuture style

So there have been VIDEOS popping up at the WAYWT (what are you wearing today?) thread at SuperFuture, this shit is pretty damn cool and funny… (I just noticed that these videos don’t show up in RSS readers, even web based readers like greader, so please click on the post link to see them…) Technorati [...]

more on iPhone

Nice, a CDMA one for me please… AppleInsider | Digg founder spills beans on Apple iPhone? In the latest episode of his weekly podcast, Digg founder Kevin Rose claims some knowledge of Apple Computer’s initial iPhone product. According to Rose, the extremely compact device will work with both CDMA and GSM networks, making it compatible [...]