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A.P.C. summer 2007

I just got my A.P.C. summer ’07 catalog in the mail, some good stuff. I need that jacket! and their female model is really good looking! link technorati tags:apc, a.p.c., summer, fashion Blogged with Flock Technorati Tags: a.p.c., apc, fashion, summer

lay vs lie

I just got time to catch up on my podcasts, this table is pretty damn useful: Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing technorati tags:grammar Blogged with Flock

RIP Barbaro

Penn Veterinary Medicine : News & Events : News Items technorati tags:Barbaro Blogged with Flock

R by 45rpm Jomons

So my 45rpm Jomons finally got here from Japan! Yes, it seems crazy that I picked up yet another pair of denim, but I actually ordered these before the other stuff… I’ve blogged before that I was considering getting the Jomons when I’m done with the Diors 19cm’s. Pretty much I was lusting after a [...]

doggy treadmill

Haha, so this at  , damn, I want one of these too! I also like the Snoopy doghouse: ベルーナネット:セール Blogged with Flock

Levi’s made me do it

So those of you on superfuture would notice that I’ve been buying up some contrabands… these jeans are the shit I’ve always liked, but I only like to work on a single pair at a time to get maximum wear in the shortest amount of time, so I had planned to buy them one by [...]

Photographs of the cut off tabs

So Kiya et al at Self Edge had to cut off all the tabs on their jeans due to the Levi’s lawsuit, I was there last weekend and he loaned me all the tabs so I can photograph them. So here they are… If you have a Flickr account, you should beable toget to the [...]

“Mac Beautiful”

Mac Beautiful lol

PSFK: Facehunters 2.0 : Wardrobe Remix

PSFK: Facehunters 2.0 : Wardrobe Remix: wardrobe_remix is a DO IT YOURSELF street fashion community. think of street fashion photography. if you are unfarmiliar with street fashion photography and need references, i suggest you check out the very cool street fashion site to get an idea of the type of photos/photography we’re going for [...]

Kurt Cobain inspires Number (N)ine’s spring/summer collection – Styledash

N(N) S/S 07 stuff dropping tomorrow? nice! Kurt Cobain inspires Number (N)ine’s spring/summer collection – Styledash: In further proof that the ’90s are back in full force, trendy New York designer Takahiro Miyashita has based his Number (N)ine label’s spring/summer collection on that decade’s most famous rocker: Kurt Cobain. “About a Boy if he was [...]