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Smart Car 70mph crash video

Dude, I am so getting one of these when they become available… Online Videos by technorati tags:smart, fortwo Blogged with Flock

Loopwheeler LW09 in stock

While I don’t read Japanese, from email and PM exchanges with LW and a superfuture member, Loopwheeler stores in Japan finally re-stocked their LW09 hoodies. I have a small in black reserved. But I found out some new information from Loopwheeler over email, there is the LW81, I think that’s what we refer to as [...]

so you wanna stop Rakuten email newsletters/spams?

Rakuten is a great site and if I don’t see the shit I need in the U.S. shops, or if none of them got the size I need, I usually just order directly from a Rakuten store. (and if none of the Rakuten stores that ship to U.S. got the shit I want, it becomes [...]

my next camera? 1D Mark III

Rob Galbraith has posted the whitepaper on the new Canon EOS 1DM3. It is quite an amazing camera, not full frame, 1.3x crop factor, but 10MP, 10fps, ISO 6400, that is simply amazing! Nothing says it better than my good friend, gifted photographer, and Nikon shooter, Ming Thein on IM: I hate to say this [...]

ah hmm… let’s hope the Z06_R comes with mandatory skip barber racing school…

600 horsepower Corvette to arrive in 2009 | Leftlane – Car News For Enthusiasts A limited-edition Corvette producing somewhere around 600 horsepower will arrive in summer 2009 as a 2010 model, GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz said in a new interview. “There is a distinct appetite for something beyond the Z06 in performance, beyond the [...]

Finally a good reason to do waywt images

Peasant is sponsoring a “best of waywt” bi-weekly contest at Style Forum… not that $50 can get me much of anything from Peasant, but it’s still cool… good reason for me to continue taking my daily waywt photographs and cross-posting them to styfo… heh… This is the official announcement of the Styleforum “Best of What [...]

another nice spring day in SF

coit tower Originally uploaded by happy president’s day…

Miz on wabi-sabi and denim

Finally subscribed to another superfuture member blog, miznation, good shit… I love this: i love going to vintage clothing stores and looking at the wear on jeans and other types of clothing. you can imagine someone young like us wearing these jeans a long time ago, having the same feelings of love, excitement, dissapointment, ambition, [...]

don’t use IE to view my blog

Just noticed if you view my blog with Internet Exploer there is a huge empty space before the first post, this is a known problem and I think to prevent it I need to specify smaller width for the images, but f IE, use Firefox, Safari, Flock, Opera, or anything non-IE, they all work fine. [...]

BiG offering One Wash Service (OXS)

This is VERY interesting!! Like I said in my previous posts, soaking unsanforized raw denim is a royal pain, but not all jeans are available in one-wash, so BiG now would do the soaking for you free of charge! (OXS and chainstitching for free, Self Edge gotta catch up! it has taken them a while [...]