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19cm 4 months update pics

It’s that time again, yesterday was exactly 4 months in my 19cm’s, and I had to setup the studio for another photoshoot for Self Edge, so I snapped some pics of my diors. I’ve worn these daily for 4 months except maybe 4 days where I tried out my new contrabands and 45rpm’s. The fades [...]

Permission to Speak Freely

Permission to Speak Freely Originally uploaded by jurvetson. description by jurvetson: When I sat down across from Les Vadasz yesterday, I noticed something different. As an Intel co-founder (badge #3), he was the design manager for the world’s first DRAM, EPROM and microprocessor. I had to ask, with a bit of a snicker: “So, did [...]

Thomas Mahon on real cuff holes

This is great information, when I had my (low quality Boss) tux altered they actually did not even sew back the fake cuff holes, and I was slightly displeased. english cut: bespoke savile row tailors: real cuff holes… This is a little detail that’s grown in importance over the last few years: “Real Cuff Holes”. [...]

Introducing my father’s blog

So my dad recently started blogging, pretty damn cool… He even got himself a pro Flickr subscription and has been uploading all the pics from like the past decade onto it, kickass! His blog is in Chinese, so if you can read Chinese, you can check it out at here, or subscribe to his feed [...]

digital_denim’s Samurai contest jeans month 3 update pics

Pics of the evolution of the contest Samurai’s from digital_denim, contestant #2 of the supercontest. (If you are looking at this in an RSS reader, most likely you will have to view this post in a web browser to see this slideshow). Enjoy! Technorati Tags: denim, denim contest, dope shit, dry denim, samurai, raw denim, [...]

yes, I finished the nike+ resolution

so yeah even with a week of not running at all I managed to finish the Jan ’07 Nike+ “resolution”… not that I need to buy any denim in Feb, the SExIH (self edge and iron heart collaboration jeans based on the dior homme 21cm cut, 100 in blue and 25 in black overdyed, with [...]

new stuff from Alternative Apparel for 2007

So I just got the latest alternative “magalog” in the mail: I own a ton of basics from alt app, they are great, with my wholesale account they are cheap and last much longer than AA (american apparel)… I have yet to check out the stuff from Base Control, they seem good too, but I [...]