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upgrade 60/80gb 5g ipod to 100gb for $275?

I’ve always wanted a 100GB iPod for my lossless library, hmm… these guys are from Cedar Park, which is north of Austin like about 15 minutes from my house there… interesting… If I care enough for more capacity I can probably get the Toshiba MK1011GAH HDD somewhere else and do this myself, but the price [...]

Just reserved a Smart fortwo cabriolet

So I’m not sure if the online reservation for the U.S. Smart cars has officially begun, but I’ve just put money down for one successfully here. A $99 refundable deposit for one of the first Smart fortwo. I went for a cabriolet version in yellow with black trim and black interior. It’s a bummer that [...]

Self Edge X Iron Heart (SExIH) collaboration jeans

So I photographed and tried on the very first pair of the SExIH collabo jeans in indigo, these are the real thing, not the sample Damon and I tried on at the party. Even Kiya hadn’t seen them in person yet. The fit is pretty spot on like the Dior Homme 21cm, but they run [...]

about studio strobes, sync cords, Pocket Wizards and the new 580EX II

I got my studio lighting setup about three years ago, at the time I was faced with the decision to go with strobes or Speedlites, I went with a single-light Alien Bee B800 setup for various reasons. Basically I had the extra space in my house in Austin for a full-time studio setup, strobes have [...]

“widgetized” my theme to add recent comments and google search to sidebar

I’ve been receiving some cool comments on some of my older posts, so I’ve decided to add a Recent Comments display to the sidebar. To do this I actually went ahead and “widgetized” my theme, it turned out to be really easy to do. So now I can dynamically drag and drop stuff into the [...]

"Collections” on Flickr

Flickr introduced a new feature: Collections. It is sorta a math/programming term, but basically you now can organize your Sets into Collections. Collections can either contain other Collections OR Sets, not a mix of both, this I think is kindda strange. To clarify the concept of Flickr Collections, basically a Set in Flickr is a [...]

Supershopping at Spectacles for Humans

Met up with Damon at Dimitri’s shop to check out some glasses… His store is the shit, serious. I wanted very hard to cop a pair of Mykita’s coz the screw-less design and the hinges are just freakin cool… but they look kindda overly futuristic/geeky on me… So I went with a pair of black [...]

Finally got a Loopwheeler zipup hoodie

I waited almost 10 months for the LW09′s in my desired color/size to be restocked, and then I found out about the LW81′s… after many emails and IMs I managed to get them reserved, picked up and shipped over here… Thanks a ton for those who helped me, you know who you are… I was [...]

digital_denim’s Samurai contest jeans 4 months update

4 months pics of the evolution of the contest Samurai’s from digital_denim, contestant #2 of the supercontest. (If you are looking at this in an RSS reader, most likely you will have to view this post in a web browser to see this slideshow). Enjoy! You can compare them to images of month 3, month [...]

Ming Thein’s gallery moved to Flickr!

My friend Ming is a really kickass photographer, he is also very skilled in Photoshop. I learned most of my crafts from him. He used to send out zip files of his pics via email, each zipfile was like 8-10MB. It is not fun if I check my emails with my phone, and now I [...]