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dior homme 19cm first wash

I decided the diors needed a wash after almost 7 months of wear, went with the hand wash cycle of my washer, cold, Woolite dark. After wash I used the spin cycle to get most of the water out, and line dried in my patio… Didn’t lose much indigo, they shrink a bit at the [...]

24 hours of flickr

Those 365 days projects are way too much work and IMO pretty boring, but this sounds kindda cool. Flickr is encouraging its users to chronicle their day with photos on Sat 5/5/07. I’ll probably do it, just joined the group. Sounds like I have to pick only one photo for submission. Flickr: 24 hours of [...]

Tripod and head recommendation

My friend seoulfully is looking for a tripod for his new dSLR, so I asked around and looked at various different sites for prices and reviews, narrowed down to the following: Manfrotto 190XPROB tripod: this thing is pretty cool, go to Manfrotto’s 190x website to check out the video, it’s like tripod pr0n… it’s not [...]

IRS cashes checks REALLY fast!

So I kindda messed up doing my taxes this year and had to amend my fed and state returns (again!), it’s a long story and I don’t really want to blog about it to bore you. But in the end I sent out my 1040X with a check to the 1040X address in Fresno, CA, [...]

Want invites for The Fashion Spot?

The Fashion Spot‘s forum membership became invitational-only a while back, but I just got a ton of invites. If you’re interested in one please leave a comment to tell me a bit about yourself, and why you would want to participate at tFS and how you would contribute, also include your email address in the [...]

Dock Dodger, Brilliant!

I use quicksilver to launch things exclusively and the Dock is pretty much useless, I hate it that the running apps have to show their icons in the Dock without having to manually edit the app package. Now this does it for you easily, brilliant! FoggyNoggin Software :: Dock Dodger Sometimes, you find an application [...]

digital_denim’s Samurai contest jeans 5 months update

5 months pics of the evolution of the contest Samurai’s from digital_denim, contestant #2 of the supercontest. (If you are looking at this in an RSS reader, most likely you will have to view this post in a web browser to see this slideshow). Enjoy! You can compare them to images of month 4, month [...]

Dior Homme 19cm 6 months update

Hard to believe it has been 6 months on the Diors, almost time for a first wash! woooo-hoooo! Some progress photographs: Pocket Wizards are f’king great! Technorati Tags: 19cm, denim, dior homme, dry denim, Japanese, raw denim, superfuture

Verizon EVDO confirmed to be capped at 5GB / month

So if you have an EVDO data plan with VZW, here’s another way to get out of your Verizon contract – go over 5GB / month bandwidth limit. I use my EVDO a lot, my email is on about 18 hours a day (IMAP over SSL). I send a lot of full-res photos via pix [...]

Gorillapod for cheap ($17) at Amazon

This thing is great for taking WAYWT (what are you wearing today?) pictures with your digital point-and-shoot cameras… I went to my Amazon front page and it was recommended to me, I didn’t know they’re so cheap there, not bad for 17 bucks… I have no use for this coz my setup is way too [...]