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Moving on…

This morning I gave my resignation at work, I’ve been doing semiconductor stuff for quite a number of years and I want to do something different. I am going to join a stealth-mode Web 2.0 startup as first full-time employee and VP of Technology. It is a social/community site (surprise!). I really love the idea [...]

Yup, get one of the Fuji’s

I’ve said this many times, when asked what digicams I would recommend, I always say Fuji’s. There is really not much point to have a camera that looks sexy but it turns shitty pics. Of course if you’re not ever gonna shoot indoor or at places with very limited available light (like bars/clubs/lounges), then yeah, [...]

Free Plaxo Premium upgrade for Comcast HSI customers

Nice, if you use Comcast for broadband now you can get a free upgrade to Plaxo Premium by clicking here. I just upgraded my account, good shit. plaxoed! » Quick Plaxo update [Mark Jen’s life @ Plaxo] Our Comcast partnership was announced! Yes, that’s right, we are going to be powering the address book for [...]

24 hours of Flickr

I didn’t forget, and actually carried my camera the entire day yesterday for the 24 hours of Flickr event/project. You can see all of them here. Some selected few: I haven’t decided which one to submit to the group pool yet. Best way to see the submitted images at FlickrLeech. Technorati Tags: 24 hours of [...]

Thinking about redoing my photography website

Since about a year ago I migrated my snapshots gallery from Gallery to Flickr. Since then I’ve used Flickr for pretty much all my image sharing/hosting needs, including both my snapshots and my photography works. I kept my photography gallery coz it is relatively small, so it hasn’t hit the Gallery scalability bottleneck, and by [...]