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daily photo: 「燈火闌珊處」

眾裡尋他千百度﹐驀然回首﹐那人卻在燈火闌珊處。 Technorati Tags: 辛棄疾

daily photo: “scaffold”

awesome video-waywt by Jun (aka designersheep)

This is pretty damn amazing… YouTube shows related videos at the end now, one of them was the footage shot by Sidney with his cellphone when all of us rolled into a gelato store in Mission with Kiya… pretty cool shit… It seems like so long ago though…

daily photo: high speed elevators

daily photos

daily photo: “a long way to go”

Had a great work day today, was able to fix a lot of caching issues, fragment cache is finally working… Got home and took a waywt pic with today’s fit (my superfuture rep bar / e-peen got 4 dark tips now yo!), and then brought Fee-Fee to play at Washington Square. Pretty typical day for [...]

I have a few Pownce invites

If anyone wants an invite for Pownce, let me know… leave a comment, I have 10 left right now…

daily photo: “flipped”

I remember on Feb 17 of this year, there were 2 trees on the front side of this heart in Union Square. I walked by today, and was shocked to find out this thing was flipped and the front side now only has 1 tree. How strange is that… I took a picture of the [...]

daily photo: “dropoff point”

here’s today’s photo: “dropoff point” I am seriously considering selling my Evo MR and getting a Vespa. Parking is a real pain and I feel like it’s a big waste that I don’t track the Evo anymore. So on my way home I stopped by the Vespa dealership to check out their inventory. Right now [...]

OnMyList: OMG I need an OML intervention!

OMLer Pam just created this awesome list: Right now, at this very minute…: I should be in my car driving to Springfield. But, no, I am once again on this wonderful green, brown and orange page typing. 2nd time this morning`: Yes, this is my second time today. I rolled out of bed to check [...]