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The Indy boots got here

After waiting for 6 months, they are finally here, I’m very curious to see how the cigar color ages… The fit is perfect, much thanks to Adam of Alden Shoes of Carmel for all his help and super fast shipping! details: AF68 cigar shell cordovan trubalance last commando sole

Self Edge X Superfuture 002.SFO Superparty

The last superfuture party at self edge was a ton of fun, so there will be another one, probably on Jan 5th, 08. If I’m in town I will sure be there.

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Hack Attack: Nine Time-Saving Quicksilver Triggers – Lifehacker

Quicksilver rocks. Hack Attack: Nine Time-Saving Quicksilver Triggers – Lifehacker Technorati Tags: quicksilver

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took this yesterday in North Beach: Tried to take some photographs today but ended up at International for their $2 happy hour, here’s the bottom half of my fit today, Fullcount 1108 with Sugarcane studded belt in black, not shown, and Visvim Wallies: When I was enjoying my Sierra these two cute old ladies walked [...]

OnMyList now on EC2, and we got widgets!

Yes, that is a widget in my sidebar you’re looking at (well you probably have to scroll up or down depending on when you read this post), actually it’s been there for 2 days but it was pointing to our EC2 beta site, now the thing is for real… You can create yours too… The [...]

AF68 in cigar shell cordovan

I ordered these back in Feb and they are finally in, maybe they would arrive in time for my birthday… (pics from Aldens of Carmel’s website, I might take some shots of them when I get them.) These are pretty much the Indy boots in cigar shell cordovan. I guess this means I will postpone [...]

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Kennedy’s, one of my favorite spots in North Beach…


sorry if you’ve seen this 41221232343 times already…