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Amazon MP3, DRM-free music download

By now I’m sure you’ve read about Amazon’s new service. Looks like they encode with variable bit rate at 256kbps average, not bad. Price is lower than iTMS too. (between 89 to 99 cents). They even have a Amazon MP3 Downloader for easy download. Pretty nice.

F50fd video

vid of Fee-Fee and his toy with the F50fd…

daily photo

Poster of recommended and forbidden words for Chinese store clerks – Boing Boing

Poster of recommended and forbidden words for Chinese store clerks – Boing Boing:

daily photo

kindda hung over half of today from too much Blue Label last night, and then did a little bit of shopping at Barneys. I am in lust with that black Rick Owens jacket (you know which one)… Still couldn’t figure out how to rock it with the hood buttoned to the jacket, but it’s a [...]

daily photo: f50fd test

Some shots from my new digicam, it’s alright, I’m not wow’ed by it or anything, anything above ISO 1600 is really noisy. But it’s def way better than the SD630 I used. Also keep in mind I’ve post-processed all of these shots, only slightly, but they are by no means straight from the camera. ISO [...]

daily photo: washsq from my roof

processing by Ming Thein.

daily photo

vid waywt

met up with damon to check out the new exhibit at sf moma and then tang joined us to check out barneys again… my first vid waywt…

CMU professor gives his last lesson on life

I didn’t know him when I was at Carnegie Mellon, but I remember the Alice Project, I worked at the Interactive Lab for a little bit as a student researcher and I think we either shared a lab or they were very close by, but I could be wrong. CMU professor gives his last lesson [...]