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Open Social, Is it gonna be like AOL (closed) vs the rest of Internetz? Open Social: a new universe of social applications all over the web: In a nutshell, Open Social is an open web API that can be supported by two kinds of developers: * “Containers” — social networking systems like Ning, Orkut, LinkedIn, Hi5, and Friendster, and… * “Apps” — applications that want to be embedded [...]

daily photo: Bear is home!

We got a puppy from a really nice breeder lady on YorkieTalk (yeah there is a forum for Yorkie lovers!), he flew in from Michigan this afternoon. His name is Bear, he looks kindda like a little bear imo. Bear is very sweet, he doesn’t bark at all, and he is tiny at around 2.5lb. [...]

daily photo: Fee-Fee and his “girlfriend”

Sherry spent hours today helping me organize and clean my apartment to prepare for our yorkie puppy Bear‘s arrival, he will be flying in from Michigan tomorrow afternoon! We miss Fee-Fee so much, he was such a good doggie. We got another yorkie coz we just love Fee-Fee so much! Yorkies are really special to [...]

daily photo: Embarcadero

daily photo

daily photos and Fee-Fee’s flickr photoset

I’ve gone through most of my Flickr and added more photos to Fee-Fee’s photoset, I also uploaded over a hundred pics from my Treo. I’m sure I still don’t have everything in there, but right now there are over 500 photos! (well some are family only and some are friends&family only). Here’s one of him [...]

daily photo: Fee-Fee and his Hello Kitty toy

Hi Fee-Fee, we miss you and will always love you! Here’s a picture of you with the Hello Kitty toy from mommy, you’re hugging it right now coz Jen brought it to the hospital for you. Love. Technorati Tags: fee-fee sun, tragedy, yorkie, yorkshire terrier

daily photo: our yorkie Fee-Fee Sun, R.I.P.

Our beloved yorkie, Fee-Fee Sun, left us today at around 1pm. He was 6 years old and 5 and a half pounds. It was an accident. He was at his favorite park, Washington Square, with his favorite pink toy, and he was attacked by a bigger dog. The big dog picked Fee-Fee up and twisted [...]

daily photo: rainy evening in north beach

daily photo