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Please sign this petition to stop Petland from opening in Austin

sign this shit! Say No to Petland in Austin! Why is Petland Bad for Austin? Over 12,000 animals are already dying at Town Lake Animal Center every year. If Petland moves into Austin, thousands of unaltered animals will be brought into the community contributing to the pet overpopulation crisis. This influx of unaltered animals will [...]

Flickr stats!

I’ve used Flickr exclusively for my pics for years now even though I have my own server and can do it myself. One thing I really miss is web stats and logs to see referrers and where my images are linked from. Flickr just announced yesterday that they added stats! You have to activate it [...]

FBJS autocomplete/typeahead in Rails

Facebook released FBJS a while back to allow some JavaScript in Facebook applications. It is basically a JavaScript parser that modifies the scripts to make them a little bit safer. Ray and I have been working on a new app for OnMyList and we want an text input box with autocomplete to suggest names. If [...]

Self Edge now got Dry Bones denim

Self Edge got a new line of stuff by Dry Bones, I photographed these products and got to try them on in person, they are really dope, my favorite was the Type III denim jacket, it is seriously next-level! Introducing Dry Bones Japan: There are certain Japanese Denim companies that fly under the radar and [...]

daily photo: Bear yawn

Sorry I haven’t been shooting and posting daily photos, it’s mainly because it gets dark at around 4:30 now and I usually shot at around 7pm when I took a break from work, also have been busy writing another Facebook application. I gave Bear a cashmere hoodie for Christmas, we think he looks super cute [...]

getting D-SLR for Christmas?

Here are some links so I can make some money, lol… I just ordered the 400D and the 50/1.8 for my folks so at least I’m putting my money where my mouth (or fingers) is… It’s a great time to pick up some Canon gears coz they lowered the prices by a little bit with [...]

Bear learned some new tricks

Bear started kindergarden last week, we started teaching him stuff with clicker and treats, Jen and Sherry just managed to teach him how to shake hand, lol. Technorati Tags: clicker, puppy, training, yorkie, yorkshire terrier

lena fuji

Some dude posted this to the dizon vs ozawa thread at superfuture, I like how she jumped into her jeans sufu-steez…


“blog even if you’re wrong”…

Why Early Stage Venture Investments Fail | Union Square Ventures: A New York Venture Capital Fund Focused on Early Stage & Startup Investing

Bootstrapping ftw. Why Early Stage Venture Investments Fail | Union Square Ventures: A New York Venture Capital Fund Focused on Early Stage & Startup Investing: Dick Costolo, co-founder of FeedBurner, describes a startup as the process of going down lots of dark alleys only to find that they are dead ends. Dick describes the art [...]