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lena fuji interview?

藤井リナ ラブ*リルカ① What was that fox doing in the background? lena fuji

Canon EOS 450D/Rebel SXi fullres sample images from their jp site

Pretty darn impressive, notice though, the portrait shot used the 85/1.2L and the sports shot used a 400/2.8L IS, I don’t think a lot of 450D users would spend that kindda money on their lenses. But I think it’s cool that they used professional primes so I can really tell how good the sensor is. [...]

At Last, a $20,000 Cup of Coffee – New York Times

Was just at the new Blue Bottle location yesterday, will def try the siphon thing when I stop by today. This location is great coz I now won’t have to go all the way to Hayes valley to get their Hayes Valley Espresso beans… I pull ristretto (with my triple bottleless PF) with those beans [...]

mouse gestures in Firefox and drag-and-drop

In Firefox, you can drag any images to the desktop or anywhere in Finder and it will download it. I turned on Mouse Gestures, and with that on, dragging of the mouse starts a gesture and won’t trigger the default action. To get both gestures and drag-and-drop to work with the left button, i.e., just [...]

choosing smtp servers for selected accounts in with location sensing

A problem I’ve been having is that everywhere I go I need to change the SMTP server settings for my personal and consulting accounts. The GMail IMAP accounts have authenticated SMTP and they work great everywhere, but for my personal IMAP accounts, I use the SMTP server provided by my ISP as I don’t want [...]

Blue Bottle Mint Plaza

Now I won’t have to go all the way to Hayes Valley to pick up beans, aybaybay! blue bottle, san francisco

To get an app to show up in every “spaces” (Leopard)

Been wanting to do this for a while so my Adium contact list will show on all spaces, it’s not as straight forward to do as with most unix window managers… apple, osx, leopard, spaces

PetPeek, the window for your fence

good speed from comcast

Comcast cable with Airport Express and Atheros .n chipset on MBP: broadband, comcast

auto-dimming display on macbook pro

it seems like a good idea, but I block the light sensor all the time and it’s pretty annoying… here’s where you go turn that off… to turn off or get better control of the backlit keyboard, use Lab Tick. apple, auto-dimming, macbook pro