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Pair your mac with just 1 remote

If you have a Mac with a FrontRow remote, by default any remote will work with your Mac. I was setting up my security preferences on my new Mac and saw that you can pair your Mac with just 1 remote, pretty neat. I actually haven’t even opened my remote coz I’m just gonna use [...]

MacBook Air

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daily photo

Was great to see the sun again after weeks for rain and shitty weather…

daily photo: photographer and birds

daily photo: rays

Tyson the Skateboarding-bulldog

Been a while since I’ve blogged, moving on, again…

Sorry for the lack of updates and daily photos, I’ve been busy with work, new puppy, and then the holiday. I got back to San Francisco and decided I’ve had enough unpaid employment (well, paid with equity that is pretty much worth nothing until proven otherwise), so I updated my resume and started a series [...]

How to use attachment_fu in a rake task (i.e., without using a form)

We’re launching a new Facebook app soon at OnMyList, and we need to pre-populate hundreds of celebrity images, so instead of doing it manually I wrote a cute little rake task to do them all. Took me a little while to figure this out, the trick is to do a class_eval to add the required [...]

Happy new year!

It’s 2008! oh yeah! 2007 sucked so 2008 is gonna be badass… Haven’t blogged for a while coz been busy with work and then xmas/family stuff, went to Minnesota and even drove up to Duluth, kindda liked it up there… Didn’t do much of anything except snowboarding… Happy new year!