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New MacBook Pros get dissected, look like old MacBook Pros – Engadget

I couldn’t wait for the update to come out as I badly needed a new laptop, also didn’t want to set everything up twice at the new job. (though next time Migration Wizard might actually work) The changes to the MacBook Pro are minor but nice, not enough to get me to eBay this one [...]

using Quicksilver to get TinyURL

If you use Twitter you probably use TinyURL to shorten your URLs pretty often, I looked into doing this with Quicksilver, there are a couple of blog posts that show you how to do it, but none of them I really liked. One even said it was crap himself in the beginning of the post. [...]

Want a NotchUp invite? Let me know…

I’ve received a lot of invites to this thing so I just joined to check it out. You create a profile with your resume and specify a price it would cost to interview you, interesting concept. They think that the best employees are the ones who are happily employed and not looking, which for the [...]

beta fbml tag for autocomplete

When I wrote my last app at OnMyList I had to roll my own autocomplete/typeahead feature with FBJS, I was looking at Preload FQL and found out last Dec they added a beta Typeahead tag, I tried it out with the FBML test console and it works great. It’s def worthwhile to check out their [...]

happy vday

What’s better than running a virtual 5k on vday…

join this…

Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year! 恭喜發財 恭喜發財

this is cool…