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More Smart videos

“Diablo” Smart with the Hayabusa engine!

*need* this mod

Thanks to Terry Kennedy for this video…

450D image samples

dpreview posted some (poorly photographed, well they blamed the London weather) sample images from their 450D… the JP site got much better samples… oh yeah, I have a hard time deciding if the original poster was being sarcastic or not in this thread.

Tickle her…

A StumbleUpon find, this is so much fun…

Flickr Leech beta is live

I like it, I’ve visiting flickrleech to check out the Interestingness stream at least once a day for years, it’s also a great way to check out anyone’s Flickr stream… The new version’s beta just came out: I prefer the original version for its usage of square thumbnails, but found out I can get it [...]

BusySync 2.0 Beta

I’ve been looking for a simple way to sync and share multiple calendars between iCal and GCal, BusySync 2.0 just went beta and I gave it a try. It’s almost there, a major problem is that I can only sync with one Google account. A lot of us have at least two – a personal [...]

SFist: When DumbPeople Look at SmartCars

LOL, ours should be here in like 2 weeks, but I have no idea when it is really gonna show up… During our brief stay, a steady stream of people best described as “Americans” arrived in small boisterous groups with the apparent intention of mocking the innocuous FourTwos (that’s the model name) on the showroom [...]

AppleInsider | Apple, Nike to tie iPod nanos into gym equipment

Cool, maybe I’ll like those machines more at 24 Hour Fitness… I much rather run outside… Among the participating gyms are 24 Hour Fitness nationwide and Virgin Active Health Clubs internationally, where members will see workout data from their Nike + iPod sport kits converted to “CardioMiles” following each work out, so that they can [...]


four Originally uploaded by track days will be expensive…