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UPS misroute, never seen this before

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!


Dummy is still my most played album in my library, this should be here tomorrow:

Mykita, Oliver Goldsmith, and Salt trunk show 5/10/08

Trunk show of 3 of the top specs brands at Spectacles for Humans, May 10th, I’ll probably stop by.

Building a Social Network Site in Rails | Jim Neath

This is pretty useful, I am working on another site but it won’t be much of a social site, but I am definitely using quite a few of the plugins in this list. (instead of acts_as_taggable_on_steroids we’re trying to use acts_as_taggable_on). I also think cache_fu will be a must-have if you ever think the site [...]

My post on MySpace apps

Been wanting to write a blog post for [context] blog on my experience with MySpace Developer Platform (MDP), got some free time last week and finally got to it, and it has just been published at the [context] blog. Check it!

IRS tax refund phishing mail with a non-working link

Too dumb, whoever wrote it didn’t even put in a proper phishing link: If you get any ISS phishing emails, forward it to the email address listed here. By the way, this is a good reason to use OpenDNS.

spectacles for humans: New brand alert

This is pretty awesome, and yeah, Oliver People sucks and this stuff is probably gonna suck more. Sadly, they will probably still sell well just because lots of people will still buy them. There are some styles in the sunglass collection that are mildly attractive, with semi-original (as in “forgotten”) touches, but the ophthalmic line-up [...]

I’m a German Shepherd!

Howard Hartenbaum to August Capital – VentureBlog

Nice, this guy designed the NSX, that’s pretty kickass! also, “cars, email, digital photography, and high speed wireless”, sounds like I would fit in just fine… First and foremost, Howard is a geek. After graduating from MIT, Howard didn’t join an investment bank; he joined Honda Motor Company where he served as an ergonomics engineer. [...]

SFpark would micromanage city’s scarce spaces

I’ve spent up to 45 minutes looking for parking in North Beach, this is interesting… Under the program, which will focus on 10 neighborhoods, the city will adjust hourly parking rates based on demand – the price will go up when spaces are scarce and go down when plenty are available. People may be less [...]