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Umair Haque of Bubble Generation knows about Superfuture!

I’m a long time reader of Umair’s blogs, it was quite a surprise to see that he mentioned SuperFuture! Hell yeah! I wonder if he posts his fits! My favorite example is the What Are You Wearing Today thread at Superfuture, a fashion microcommunity (sorry for the unwanted attention, guys). It’s literally thousands of pages [...]

IE problems

If you view this blog with IE, the layout is messed up, I know this. It looks great in Firefox 2 and 3, Flock, and Safari3. So try one of those. When I get time I will try to fix it. This is weird coz I am using pretty much the standard skittlish theme as-in.

Adium build with working Facebook IM

Facebook IM never worked right for me in Adium, I just built the latest from Subversion and now it’s working flawlessly, it’s really easy to build from their latest if you have Xcode installed. To save you some time I’ve uploaded my to MediaFire: Updated 6/20/08:

the lack of blogging

I don’t blog as often as I did, I think much of it has to do with other services I am using now, they kindda replace having to blog about stuff I find online. And I don’t really have time to publish original content. If you’re interested, you can subscribe to these: Twitter Google Reader [...]

steez changes

If you look at my blog in your browser, you might notice subtle styling changes. I had the default stylesheet since I changed the theme, but some things never looked right, so I messed with it with Firebug and TextMate and now it’s a little bit better. Like now the code blocks get smaller font-size [...]

Facebook chat added to Adium

Facebook just confirmed that their chat uses Jabber/XMPP, a few days back Adium added support for Facebook chat, you can compile it from their source on SVN, someone did that and posted a nightly build so you can just install that too. Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! I’m using it now but it seems to me [...]

Flip Ultra and easy way to make Mac icons from images

So we got a Flip Ultra, when you plug it into the USB port it shows up with an ugly default USB drive icon in the desktop. I wanted to change it to a picture of the Flip Ultra itself. I googled on how to make Mac icons and found this post. It involves using [...]

MySpace / OpenSocial makeRequest examples

I just refactored some of my MySpace code this afternoon, to contact an outside server from an OpenSocial app you have to use the makeRequest call, here’s how my makeRequest wrapper looks like: function makeRequestWrapper(target, callback) { try { var server_base_url = "" var params = { METHOD : ‘GET’, AUTHORIZATION : }; [...]

Kids scare each other by impersonating online pedophiles – Boing Boing

lol British schoolchildren in the west of England are terrorizing their chums by impersonating pedophile stalkers. [From Kids scare each other by impersonating online pedophiles - Boing Boing]