the lack of blogging

I don’t blog as often as I did, I think much of it has to do with other services I am using now, they kindda replace having to blog about stuff I find online. And I don’t really have time to publish original content. If you’re interested, you can subscribe to these:

  • Twitter
  • Google Reader shared items
  •, already “burned” with this blog’s RSS feed with Feedburner
  • FriendFeed,I linked my accounts there, but don’t really use it. It also gets redundant, like I included my Tumblr and Flickr there, but I already included my Flickr on my Tumblog, so you get repeated content at times. Also my Twitterrific updates my twitter statuses to Adium, and the Twitter Facebook app updates my status on Facebook, so most of the times my Facebook, GTalk, and Twitter statuses are the same.
  • Too many others to list, so check my FriendFeed