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WP app test

Just installed the free WordPress iPhone app. Working great so far. I need to get better at typing on this virtual keyboard.

seoulfully’s iPhone 3G upgrade ordeal

Interesting read, I LOL’ed when I read his series of tweets on 7/11. He is getting it finally tomorrow afternoon, congrats!

Using SSHKeychain’s key agent in terminal/shell

I’m not sure why I had to do this even if I told SSHKeychain to manage my environment variables, but anyway, to use SSHKeychain’s key agent in a shell, you do this: Look up the socket location in preferences, it should look like this: Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! and set the SSH_AUTH_SOCK environment variable in [...]

Best homeless sign yet

Kidnapped by ninjas! Originally uploaded by

How to get display:block links working over images in IE

One of my clients at work wanted different parts of the header and footer images to link to different pages, I used a CSS trick to have transparent a links to get and image map type thing to work, it worked great in Firefox, but didn’t work in IE6/7, here’s what I had: #header a,#footer [...]

Verizon Wireless’s ETF policy

To prepare for the iPhone 3G I looked up Verizon’s Early Temination Fee policy, they were the first carrier to introduce a declining ETF, basically it starts at $175 and for every month you’re with them they take $5 off. My contract expires on 7/18, so if I terminate tomorrow, which is a week til [...]