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Tweets on 2008-08-31

Off to do my Human Race 10k. # At Blue Bottle with @sherryberry and my parents. # At Alamo Sq # At Limon Rotesserie # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Nike+ Human Race race day is today!

I got up and ran the Human Race, awesome weather for a run in San Francisco today. San Francisco is not one of the city with an official race (I still can’t believe that!), but they had a race group that met up at Niketown at 8:30 today, I didn’t find out about that til [...]

Tweets on 2008-08-29

rushing to get an fbfund proposal submitted # new fb app client approved proposal, aybaybay! # Twinkle just crashed my iphone # What Hope brought home from baking school today. # @two35am not sure what it’s called. It is some sort of cream puff with caramel on top. if you’re in northbeach I can [...]

Tweets on 2008-08-28

french press to start the day # @natalidelconte HB # had to restart my mac to get it to pair with a different mightymouse, what gives? # not loving HAML so far # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Tweets on 2008-08-27

In line at mama’s. # @wisswee a lot of stuff man. I like their monte cristo, omlettes, eggs benedicts, and pancakes. # at @sherryberry apt, we haven’t been here for a couple of months… # srsly fast internetz # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Tweets on 2008-08-26

at union square… # @sherryberry I thought I had a meeting at 10 at Blue Bottle but it is tmr, I have to kill 1.5 hrs f/ another mtg dwntwn… free wifi here # @CarolLiang the soup? Maybe soup peddler. Or make your own. # At Modernizm # @Miggy Seize I am. # Watching dude [...]

Tweets on 2008-08-25

Damnit! Comcast is down again. First the modem reset and then super slow speed (700k down) and I power cycled modem and it won’t come back. # at good old cafe sapore, it feels weird without Jen or Tina here… # @SelfEdge alright, me there # Gonna grab quick food in c-town before kickoff meeting [...]

$100 off Kindle if you apply for the Chase card

I know a couple of you guys have been wanting a Kindle and haven’t pulled the trigger yet for one reason or another. What if the Kindle can be had for only $259? Would that make your decision a bit easier? I just got an email from Amazon that for a limited time if you [...]

Tweets on 2008-08-24

Comcast internetz down. On the phone with them now. n # Comcast internetz down. On the phone with them now. # Oops iphn keyboard got stuck and sent dbl tweet. # @cypherkin it’s been solid for a year til now. # Comcast sending tech out between now and 4pm. Might not be able to make [...]

Tweets on 2008-08-23

gonna update my wp to 2.6.1 # 10 miles, slowly though # Powered by Twitter Tools.