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From BusySync to CalDAV (iCal + iPhone + GCal)

UPDATE: these instructions are quite old, use this instead: I’ve moved everything to Google Apps for Domains a long time ago, so my personal and work mails, contacts, and calendars are all on my GApps accounts. All my consulting clients are also on GApps. Using GApps, iCal and Addressbook on my Mac, and my [...]

My gdgt widget

They don’t really provide you a way to put this on any webpage, IMO the clearspring thing is pretty lame, but no worries, inspect the page and grab the object tag and you can put it anywhere: I’m really loving gdgt, if they make it easier to add new companies and products it would be [...]

optimize your mac firefox (sqlite db)

A while ago I read a few blog posts about running the sqlite vacuum command on the Apple Mail internal databases to speed things up, and it dramatically sped up my Mail, I saw that Firefox also uses sqlite for a lot of stuff, so I tried this after upgrading to 3.5, and it definitely [...]