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RailsRumble ’09

I participated in last weekend’s RailsRumble, my first time “rumbling”, it was a pretty awesome experience. Ray‘s team at Intridea had an opening and he asked if I wanted to join last week, I was like, why not. I’ve been doing paired coding with Ray for years now and I know we can easily pull [...]

Does your 5d Mark II overexpose when you’re not shooting full manual? Check your focusing screen setting.

I shoot M 95% of the times, gotta use that lightmeter whenever I can, you know. But when I shot Av in the last several months, the images were often bit overexposed. I would usually check the histogram and adjust and didn’t think much of it, but it bothered me that the exposure was a [...]

some dope vids

MMM: Ann: Junya:

a little late, but if you haven’t pre-order snow leopard…

I just robocopped the fam pack.

Switched comments system to IntenseDebate

I just switched to IntenseDebate, the plugin is dope, it imports your existing comments to IntenseDebate, and when a new comment is posted it also adds it to your blog’s database, so there is zero cost to try it as you can always switch back. I enabled Facebook Connect and Twitter login, when you post [...]