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My Life via my last 2000 public photos on Flickr [pummelvision vid]

Lots of denim, snowboarding, and @beartheyorkie photos. My Life in Pummelvision from Andrew Ng on Vimeo. Music by Friendly Ghost: Video made with Pummelvision:

A Day Off [HD] by George Horne (vid)

A Day Off [HD] from George Horne on Vimeo.

Switch your Flickr login from Yahoo! ID to Google or Facebook

Flickr/Yahoo just added Facebook Connect and Google OAuth support to their sign-in, this is great, coz now I no longer needs a Yahoo! account to use Flickr. (I assume you all loathe Yahoo! as much as I do right?) Here’s how to change your Flickr account from your Yahoo! ID to your Google or Facebook [...]

Now is the time to downgrade your AT&T SMS plan

I’ve always had the $30 unlimited family text plan with our iPhones, I’ve switched to using SMS replacement apps with my most frequently texted contacts. I used to average about 700 messages a month in the plan, but the past several months I’ve gone under 200. Paying $30 a month for SMS is pretty ridiculous, [...]

zomg how am I supposed to host mails for my new .cn domain

Uploaded with Skitch! I’m not gonna run an MTA just to forward my .cn domain alias emails. Urgh. It would really sucks to be in China if very basic Internet infrastructure like Google Apps don’t work.

The Agonizing Last Words of Programmer Bill Zeller

Bill Zeller was a talented programmer whose work we’ve featured on Lifehacker. He took his own life on Sunday and left an explanation that I think it’s important you read. via The Agonizing Last Words of Programmer Bill Zeller.

My 2010 vs 2009 Nike+ stats

Long Beach Cruisin [vid]

Long Beach Cruisin. from The Fly on Vimeo. Some friends at DC Shoes made this amazing little video for the FA11 line. Since they have no interest in showing it to the domestic general public I’m uploading it here because I like it and it will embarrass Mark. Ha! Starring: Mark Winn (and his Mino [...]