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Fritz Kreisler – Recitative and Scherzo caprice, Op.6 by Hyunsu Shin

h/t @noirlfriends (he doesn’t really use Twitter lol).

Photo: 21

X100 is good for macro too

Picked up samples of the new Santal 33 and the Vetiver 46 I’ve always wanted from Le Labo. I would buy them but I have too many fragrances right now. (no I’m not super into this like the folks on @basenotes)

My iPad Screens

Kevin asked me what apps I use so I took these screenshots. Thought they’re interesting enough to post here. (this post might be best viewed in your browser than your feed reader to take advantage of a javascript images cycle plugin)

Henri Cartier-Bresson – the decisive moment

HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON – Decisive Moment, The from bt465 on Vimeo.

A Bay to Breakers 2011 moment

#QFT: The Three Biggest Mistakes Amateur Photographers Make

The second big mistake is the belief that some sort of special camera, or process, or material is automatically going to result in better pictures. It just doesn’t work that way. via The Online Photographer: The Three Biggest Mistakes Amateur Photographers Make.

Weight data since I started #4HB slow carb

Just picked up a Withings WiFi body scale because it is a pain to manually punch in my weight into iFitness every morning. I exported the data into a CSV and imported it into my Withings account. Full graphs here.

dragging the shutter

Dragging shutter on a lens with the best image stabilization produces interesting results.

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