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Violet Blue on Amazon’s California affiliates/sales tax issues

Amazon Drops California In Growing E-Commerce Affiliate Tax Law War | ZDNet.

Just backed this: Bambu Pet Hammock

FS: Rick Owens, Number (N)ine leather jackets

They are too big for me so I decided to put them up for sale on supermarket. EDIT: Both have been SOLD!

Fabbrini Steinway

More info about Fabbrini here.

Altamont Pass Wind Farm

Go see the Steins Collect

If you’re in SF, you must go see the Steins Collect at SFMOMA. There’s a $5 fee for members for the audio tour, I didn’t have enough time to go through it yesterday, but I’m going back later today.

It’s almost time to drop the phone number

I’ve used FaceTime with my phone in my pocket many many times for free voice-only calls. Now that I can use my email address in addition to my AT&T number for FaceTime in iOS5, I pretty much don’t need my phone number anymore. I’ve been using iMessage a lot and it’s amazing. I can’t wait [...]

The Tank Man

It has been 22 years, but we will never forget. wiki links: Tank Man and Tiananmen Square massacre. Documentary: