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Bed bugs and selling my EVO MR

Ok, another post before I try to get more sleep. We got back to San Francisco and found out that my apartment had a pretty severe bedbugs situation. About a month ago we started getting bites from something but didn’t think much of it. We always thought it was mosquitos and what not, we also [...]

More Smart videos

“Diablo” Smart with the Hayabusa engine!

*need* this mod

Thanks to Terry Kennedy for this video…

SFist: When DumbPeople Look at SmartCars

LOL, ours should be here in like 2 weeks, but I have no idea when it is really gonna show up… During our brief stay, a steady stream of people best described as “Americans” arrived in small boisterous groups with the apparent intention of mocking the innocuous FourTwos (that’s the model name) on the showroom [...]

new Skyline GT-R

Breaking News: Undisguised 2009 Nissan GT-R: Most of the specifications aren’t expected to be announced until Nissan’s Tokyo show press conference on October 24, but today we know that the all-wheel-drive 2009 GT-R will get a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 that produces 473 horsepower and 434 pound-feet of torque. It’ll drive all four wheels through a [...]

daily photo: “dropoff point”

here’s today’s photo: “dropoff point” I am seriously considering selling my Evo MR and getting a Vespa. Parking is a real pain and I feel like it’s a big waste that I don’t track the Evo anymore. So on my way home I stopped by the Vespa dealership to check out their inventory. Right now [...]

Just reserved a Smart fortwo cabriolet

So I’m not sure if the online reservation for the U.S. Smart cars has officially begun, but I’ve just put money down for one successfully here. A $99 refundable deposit for one of the first Smart fortwo. I went for a cabriolet version in yellow with black trim and black interior. It’s a bummer that [...]

Smart Car 70mph crash video

Dude, I am so getting one of these when they become available… Online Videos by technorati tags:smart, fortwo Blogged with Flock

ah hmm… let’s hope the Z06_R comes with mandatory skip barber racing school…

600 horsepower Corvette to arrive in 2009 | Leftlane – Car News For Enthusiasts A limited-edition Corvette producing somewhere around 600 horsepower will arrive in summer 2009 as a 2010 model, GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz said in a new interview. “There is a distinct appetite for something beyond the Z06 in performance, beyond the [...]

for kicks, built a 997GT3 online

I don’t really like the the rear bumper, or the exhaust in the middle, looks too much like a freakin Boxster… Didn’t have to add very many options, only added metalic paint (that color looks hot, at least in the rendered version shown below), Bi-Xenons and Sport Chrono Pkg… I don’t see a moonroof option [...]