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trip to Taipei and Shanghai

It’s been a while since I put up a real post, my daily Twitter digests took up the first page of my blog quickly. I’ve always considered moving to China, or Asia in general, to do startups or consulting. Our friend Jimmy decided to go to business school in Shanghai, so I went there to [...]

At Last, a $20,000 Cup of Coffee – New York Times

Was just at the new Blue Bottle location yesterday, will def try the siphon thing when I stop by today. This location is great coz I now won’t have to go all the way to Hayes valley to get their Hayes Valley Espresso beans… I pull ristretto (with my triple bottleless PF) with those beans [...]

Blue Bottle Mint Plaza

Now I won’t have to go all the way to Hayes Valley to pick up beans, aybaybay! blue bottle, san francisco

updated Rancilio Silvia from Chris’ Coffee

I got this newsletter from Chris’ Coffee: First there is a NEW Rancilio Silvia on the market and Chris’ Coffee Service has them in stock as of today. The NEW Silvia has an adjustable expansion valve, different group, different drip try cover, and is POD adaptable. We will have images of the NEW Silvia up [...]

WHOA! SuperFuture switched to vBulletin!!!

VERY NICE!!! I hated the old forum software they had at SF, now with vB it’s MUCH MUCH better!! The downtime was def worth it (it was hard to go a weekend without SF though, I must admit)… Technorati Tags: superfuture

great CG thread on PID

I’m seriously considering PID’ing my Rancilio Silvia, so I’ve been reading up on all the USENET and CoffeeGeek archives… I came across this one that is truly a great read, LOL! all this PID silliness for $10 Technorati Tags: coffee, espresso, ristretto, silvia, rancilio, pid

doppio ristretto at Barefoot

I’m at Barefoot right now to pick up some coffee beans, they give you a free cup of coffee or a shot when you buy a pound of beans. So I got a doppio ristretto, it was GOOOOD. They know their shit here at Barefoot, all of their baristas are capable of pouring perfect rosetta [...]

Reaching Espresso Nirvana

CoffeeGeek – Reaching Espresso Nirvana This a truly great article by Mark Prince on the evolution of espresso machines and grinders, and coffee itself. He also talked about how water quality is equally important and that we don’t fully understand the perfect way to obtain and/or filter it for the perfect shot… His prediction on [...]

The Mind and Machines of of Verna Design

This is how they made the bottomless PF, and mine won’t be here til next Monday… I guess this weekend I will have to stop by Barefoot for some good espresso…

gettin’ naked

So the hottest thing in the espresso community has been “bottomless”, “naked”, or “crotchless” portafilters. When Sherry packed my espresso machine she forgot to pack my portafilter and my special La Marzocco double basket, so the machines been sitting on my granite countertop and I can’t use them until she brings those with her next [...]