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Marsèll shoes exhibition at White fashion show

Talking holy clothes with Maurizio Amadei

MA: Actually, I think the best way to be dressed is to be naked. In the wild. But as we have this habit of dressing ourselves let’s try to make something that follows the lines of the body. For Carpe Diem I made a big story on the anatomy – I made some pieces that [...]

“That is some OG shit right there.”

FS: Rick Owens, Number (N)ine leather jackets

They are too big for me so I decided to put them up for sale on supermarket. EDIT: Both have been SOLD!

some dope vids

MMM: Ann: Junya:

Self Edge now got Dry Bones denim

Self Edge got a new line of stuff by Dry Bones, I photographed these products and got to try them on in person, they are really dope, my favorite was the Type III denim jacket, it is seriously next-level! Introducing Dry Bones Japan: There are certain Japanese Denim companies that fly under the radar and [...]

Derome Brenner Trunk Show in SF, Dec 14-16

It’s extremely hard to find frames that work on my face so probably safe to bring my amex with me there. My DB Jacky 2′s are great value despite the fairly high price coz I’ve worn them every single day since I got them. spectacles for humans: DEROME BRENNER TRUNK SHOW: December 14th, 15th and [...]

Shopping in San Francisco – San Francisco Self Edge – Travel – New York Times

Pretty cool, Self Edge got onto NYT… Shopping in San Francisco – San Francisco Self Edge – Travel – New York Times: The denim that true jeans aficionados clamor for these days is from Japan, not the United States, and nowhere is that more apparent than at Self Edge, a boutique in the Mission District [...]

Loopwheeler beanies and gloves

These beanies are dope, anyone in Tokyo reading this please help me copulate a black and a grey one, lol… LW_NEWS: スウェット帽子 I also need one of these in my life: LW_NEWS: 指無しグローブ More Loopwheeler dope shit: LW_NEWS: BEAMS+別注小物

daily photo: kiya’s wedding yoyo

Congrats to Demitra and Kiya, party at Bimbo’s is gonna be sick! And I live a few blocks away so I should be able to walk home even if I get hella wasted. I had a photoshoot with Kiya with his custom denim tux, it was made with the same denim used in Flathead jeans [...]